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Bangor-on-Dee is a village south east of  Wrexham, on the east bank of the River Dee, north of the A525
from  Whitchurch, and the south east of WBC represented by the  Bronington category,
via Cross Lanes and Marchwiel to Wrexham.
The community council has the welsh name, Bangor-is-y-Coed, and across the Dee are Sesswick to the north west
and Erbistock to the south west.
Overton is directly south on the east bank of the Dee. 
The combined community council of Willington and Worthenbury is directly east, and websites for this area
are included in the Bangor category, whereas those further east to Threapwood are represented
by the Cheshire category, with websites for Hanmer and further south east
are currently included in the Bronington category.
The area north of of the River Dee, such as Wrexham Industrial Estate is represented by the Wrexham locality.
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