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Weblogs and online journals with commentary on the UK politics.
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Not Little England - A weblog opposing attempts to destroy the civil liberties and open minded ideals that made Britain great. Tim Worstall - A political weblog specialised in the interface between economics and environmentalism. Strange stuff - Chris from Torquay discusses British politics. Guido Fawkes' blog - Discussion on parliamentary plots, rumours and conspiracy. The Last Ditch - Tom Paine, expatriate Englishman in Moscow, blogs about politics in Britain. By-Elections - Weblog specialised to by-elections in the UK. Politics Home - Weblog following UK political news. Pickled Politics - An progressive political weblog from UK with an South Asian tinge. Robert Sharp - Ideas of multiculturalism, political debates, and the impact of digital technology, especially the Internet, on life and culture. Doctorvee - Articles about politics, media and culture with a particular focus on Scotland. Written by Duncan Stephen, who is based in Fife. Notes from the Panopticon - Weblog surveying the political landscape and presenting thoughts on constitutional and related issues. Freethinking politics - A political blog aiming to discern new ways forward. Westminster Wisdom - Weblog on UK politics. Adam Smith Institute Blog - Weblog from the UK free market think-tank. Mabinogogiblog - Opinion on news, particularly economics coming from a green political perspective. Author is a physician and psychiatrist. Socialist Unity - Left-wing blog with a number of contributors. Three Thousand Versts of Loneliness - Reflections and rants on politics, current affairs, football, culture, Northern Ireland, Russia, Eastern Europe and life. Pint of Unionist Lite - In defence of the continuing Union of England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Last Ditch - Tom Paine, an English expatriate in Moscow, blogs about the death of liberty in Britain. - Mike Smithson's blog about political betting markets. Harry's Place - Discussion on politics, war and issues relating to religion and secularism. Obsolete - Inexorable leftist gibbering from someone somewhere. Miss Wagstaff Presents - A political blog of Welsh origin. Analysing - among other things - the 'One Wales Agreement/Government'. Never Trust a Hippy - A blog about music, football, books, life, clarification and the demagogic simplification of everything. Politics with a Welsh accent - David Cornock covers Parliament and politics for BBC Wales from Westminster. This is his 'other blog'. Heresy Corner - Covering politics, religion, culture, current events and quirky stories. British perspective, but international in scope and interests. The Daily (Maybe) - Most entries are about green campaigns and the environment. The Orange Party - Independent, left-leaning journalism. Sceptical, cynical and straight to the point. Jay's Bolitical Blog - Comments on the big UK and World political events of the day. Samizdata - A blog for people with a critically rational individualist perspective. UK Polling Report - Weblog of Anthony Wells analyses and comments polls. 100gf - Comments on politics and technology, and the intersection between the two. British perspective but keeps an eye on global developments. Alan Connor's political blog guide - From the BBC's Daily Politics. The Young Political Bloggers - Political analysis and commentary by young people. Biased BBC - Exposing the reporting bias of the BBC. The Spectator: Coffee House - The 'official' blog of the magazine. Eurology - Current affairs, comment and analysis on Britain and the EU. Christian Eriksson - Criticism, analysis and cultural history on a variety of topics; political economy, social justice, counter-culture and the human condition. Enza Ferreri - Blog of London-based Italian journalist Enza Ferreri with opinions on news, politics, society, religion, environment. Capitalists@Work - Politics, economics, trading, energy and industry, humour. OpenDemocracy: UK - Discussing democracy in its broadest meaning. Leelum - Commentary on the introduction of communication technology in politics by a PhD candidate. Bruce on Politics - Views and humour of a games industry marketed, focused on UK politics from the perspective of his business. Author profile, feed subscription and comments. Catch21 - Aiming to engage young people with politics and their communities through articles and videos. Includes profile, reader comments, contacts and social media links. Terence Bunch - British Photojournalist and writer specialising in the effects of globalisation from a politically non-aligned perspective. Include photography, commentary archive, day diary, RSS feed and contacts.
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