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This category represents the ‘Regional’ aspects of ‘Dartmoor National Park

For the purpose of this category, Dartmoor is regarded as the area within the boundaries of the 
Dartmoor National Park (DNP), besides the West Devon parish of Dartmoor Forest.
This includes parts of some parishes surrounding Dartmoor Forest within the DNP boundary, besides  West Devon.
These parishes appear as links at the top of the page.
Other localities may be only a short drive, but are not included as links here.
Websites referring to one address are found in the appropriate locality category linked from this page.
Localities not having their own category, but within the parish of Dartmoor Forest,
to the east of  Tavistock, south of  Okehampton, south west of  Postbridge, and north west of  Dartmeet,
that have Princetown as their postal town, should be in that category.
eg. The  Princetown category contains sites for area towards Merrivale from Ruddlestone,
south to Whiteworks and east to Two Bridges.
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