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This category is for listing sites that concern the make up of the local community: its people, its history, and resources and institutions that serve the people. Subjects include religion, clubs and lodges, reunions, women, men, seniors, kids, teens, activism, alternative sexuality, genealogy, and personal home pages.
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Cultural Policies in Europe - Albania - Historical overview, information on cultural administration, objectives and principles, issues in cultural policy development, legal framework, financing, institutions and governmental support. Co-PLAN - A non-governmental institute for habitat development which aims to enhance environmental, social and economic conditions in the country's living centers. Provides information on the organization and its mission, staff and partners, projects, services and annual reports. Includes news, contact information and job offers. Institute for Policy and Legal Studies - Non-profit, non-governmental organization aiming to bridge the gap between legislators and policy makers, and the public. Contains information on the laws, the judicial system, the constitution and its history. Also includes publications and articles, projects and activities, a study of the judicial sector and resources. Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe - Albania - Deals with wide range of security related issues including arms control, preventive diplomacy, confidence and security building measures, human rights, democratization, election monitoring, and economic and environmental security. Includes information on background, activities and documents. Dying To Leave - Profile of Albania - Information on human smuggling, trafficking and exploitation. - Contains information about the land, the people and the language. Also included is an image gallery and a list of famous Albanians. Ethnologue - Languages of Albania - Information on the living spoken languages and dialects of the country and statistics. Albanian American Civic League - Registered lobby in Washington, DC, representing the concerns and interests of the Albanian people. Includes information on activities, directors, memberships and publications. Press releases and contact information also available.
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