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The category includes oilfield service companies, operators, manufactures and distributors.
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State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic - Information about an oil and gas producer, manufacturer, petroleum products distributor to meet the global demand. Azpetrol - Information about a company operating gas stations in Azerbaijan and Georgia. International Ecoenergy Academy - Information about the organization and 9th Baku International Congress "Energy, Ecology, Economy". Khazar Gas - Specializes in gas services and production. Black Sea Terminal Ltd - About Kulevi Oil terminal, a division of Azerbaijani based SOCAR, located in Georgia. Azneftkimyamash - About a plant specializing in building equipment for the oil and gas industry. Baku Oil Services - Details of a company providing equipment and materials for the oil and gas industry. Azerbaijan - Turkmenistan International Conference - About the oil and gas potential of the two countries and details of the 2008 conference meeting. Caspian Drilling Company - About an oil and gas drilling company operating in the Caspian region. Caspian Oil & Gas 2012 - International Caspian oil & gas exhibition and conference Incorporating refining and petrochemicals. Caspian Pipe Coatings - Offers a full range of pipe coatings services in Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan. Caspian Wireline Services LTD - Offers oilfield services in the Caspian region. Caspian Oilfield Services - Offers services in such fields as metal construction, repairs and rentals. Exxon Mobil - Azerbaijan - Corporate information of the Azerbaijani branch of the company. Geo Globe - Offers geophysical and geotechnics services in the Caspian region. RealGaz - About a plant producing oxygen and nitrogen for markets in Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan. Seabak - Provides equipment for oil and gas industry. SGS - Azerbaijani branch of an International engineering firm offering services for oil & gas industry. Azoilcomplekt - Specializes in manufacturing and supply of oil-field equipment. Statoil – Azerbaijan - Local branch of a leading energy company in oil and gas production. Caspian Energy - Information about oil and gas sector in Azerbaijan, Caspian region and internationally. [English, Russian] Caspian Energy Forum - Information about an oil and gas forum. Azlab - Offers lab testing for the oil and gas industry (general analysis of core samples, biostratigraphic studies, paleonologic studies, PVT experiments and geochemical studies. Caspian Marine Services Limited - About an engineering and shipping company operating in the Caspian region.
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