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BBC News - Who are the Taliban? - Ongoing coverage of the history of the Taliban movement in Afghanistan and Pakistan. USA Today: Why the Taliban are Destroying Buddhas - Why the Taliban leader Mullah Mohammed Omar issued an edict against un-Islamic graven images which resulted in the destruction of statues of Buddha. New York Times: Taliban: War for War's Sake - Reporting on the destruction of art objects by the Taliban. Danny Yee's Book Reviews - The Taliban by Peter Marsden - A review of a 1998 book on the Taliban, written by Peter Marsden, a former NGO coordinator for Afghanistan. CPJ: Journalism under the Taliban - Report on Afghan journalists working under the Taliban in 1999. From the Committee to Protect Journalists. BBC News - Analysis: Who are the Taleban? - BBC analyzes who the Taliban are and why they have the support of Afghans. Mother Jones: Pipe Dreams - Energy politics helped set the stage for the current conflict, as at least one US oil company, California-based Unocal, courted the Taliban to close a deal to build a pipeline across the country. Wikipedia - Taliban - Hyperlinked encyclopedia article about the Taliban includes its history, ideology, wars and international relations. Women's eNews: Bush Gives Taliban $10 Million To Fight Opium - "The Bush administration has given Afghanistan $43 million including $10 million for “other livelihood and food security programs,” a reference to the ruling Taliban's ban on poppy cultivation that dramatically changed the economy of the war-torn nation." BBC News - Special Reports: Taliban Conflict - Ongoing coverage focusing on the Taliban groups of Pakistan and Afghanistan. Includes history, maps, videos and interactives. Guardian Unlimited: Mullah Omar - in his own words - Translated text of a Voice of America interview of the Taliban leader. Council on Foreign Relations - The Taliban in Afghanistan - Extensive backgrounder report includes links to related materials. The New York Times - Topics: Taliban - Collection of recent and archived news and commentary, photos, multimedia and selected web resources.
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