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Primarily for weblogs that are broadly applicable to Knowledge Management.
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Mathemagenic: Learning and KM Insights - This klog (knowledge weblog) is used as a learning diary that documents journey of Lilia Efimova in the land of knowledge workers' networks, learning, creativity and knowledge sharing. Knowledge Jolt with Jack - Jack Vinson writes about knowledge management, personal effectiveness, theory of constraints and other related disciplines. Available RSS/XML feeds for both the weblog headlines and comments. Elsua - A weblog about knowledge management, knowledge, online communities, social networking and work-life balance. Available RSS/Atom feeds. A Compound of Alchymie - John Curran viewpoints on knowledge management, intellectual capital, social networking and related topics. Babson Knowledge - Babson College joint weblog of Tom Davenport and Larry Prusak discussing knowledge work, knowledge management and productivity. Collaborative Thinking - Mike Gotta's weblog on collaboration, social software, social networking and knowledge management trends, including community-building methods and practices. Column Two - News and opinion articles by James Robertson on the general topics of knowledge management and content management. Features archives and RSS/XML syndication. Portals and KM - Bill Ives weblog discussing practical applications of portals, blogs, and knowledge management. Full Circle Online Interaction - Nancy White weblog focusing on distributed Communities of Practice (CoPs), communities, online interaction, and distance learning. Musings of a Social Architect - Amy Jo Kim weblog focusing on community architecture, social systems design and knowledge management. Knowledge-at-work - Denham Grey's weblog covering knowledge ecology, communities of practice, KM practices, tools, distance learning, personal KM, and corporate memory. KM Space - Doug Cornelius' musings from a knowledge management attorney and real estate lawyer on knowledge management, legal technology and the practice of law.
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