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Knowledge representation covers techniques for representing and storing knowledge in a way that is usable by a machine, for instance, programming languages specifically formulated for working with knowledge (knowledge representation languages), and databases for storing facts about the world.
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KR, Inc. - Charitable organization concerned with fostering research and communication on knowledge representation and reasoning. Features conferences, educational materials and mailing lists. Knowledge Interchange Format (KIF) - A DARPA project. KIF is a language designed for use in the interchange of knowledge among disparate computer systems. John Sowa on Knowledge Representation - Provides background material and tutorials on ontology and related topics in logic, conceptual graphs, and natural language semantics. Tockit Project - Aims to create a framework for conceptual knowledge processing in terms of social structures and a common code base. Features software description and contact details. Knowledge Representation Resources - A list of knowledge representation resources, part of the AI Education Repository at the University of Southwestern Louisiana. WebKB - A set of tools using Conceptual Graphs formalism for building and documentation of knowledge bases, indexing or connecting elements of WWW-accessible documents. Action Theory Contraction and Minimal Change - Article by Ivan José Varzinczak, postdoc researcher in artificial intelligence at universities in France and South Africa, building on Propositional Dynamic Logic. Conceptual Graphs Home Page - Features introductory material and bibliography, standard notation, events, projects, tools and researchers.
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