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Knots are intertwining patterns in material such as rope, string or webbing, used for a multitude of purposes, such as fastening, constricting, securing, tightening or simply decorating.
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Nudos - Video tutorials for over 70 knots. Features climbing knots, sailing knots, everyday knots and tie knots. Knots on The Web - Collection of knotting resources. Presents exploding knots, lists links for knotting theory, techniques, art, videos, books, software. Netknots - Animated knots. Includes fishing knots, outdoor knots, boating knots, paddling knots. Ropers Knots Pages - Knot diagrams and links. Includes alphabetical index of knots, categorized links. Knot Knotes - Discusses knots. Includes rope-making tutorial, knotting techniques, games, font. Animated Knots by Grog - Knots sorted by activity, such as boating, climbing, fishing, decoration. Features animations of knots tied in several orientations, knot uses, knot comparison, CD-ROM. Knotting Dictionary of Kännet - Collection of common and less common knots. Includes drawings and user comments. Ropeworks - Knotting and pioneering. Includes animations, diagrams, PDF files of applied knotting techniques. Knots and Knotting - Knotting techniques and tools. Presents animated knots, knotting knives, Turkshead knots. Notable Knot Index - Handpicked knots. Includes less common knots such as the tumble hitch, the midspan sheet bend and the cod end knot. Knots, Splices and Rope Work - Ebook by A. Hyatt Verrill at Project Gutenberg. Includes chapters on cordage, simple knots, hitches, loops, splices, fancy knots. Andy's Most Useful Knots - Collection of knots sorted by purpose, such as securing loads or joining ropes. Includes photo diagrams, pros and cons, alternate ways of tying common knots. I Will Knot - Video tutorials. Features step-by-step clips for over ten common knots including stopper knots, hitches, loops and bends. Surgical Knot Tying Manual - Teaching aid about surgical knots for medical students. Discusses knot structure, knot performance and tying techniques. Knots 3D - Reference page of website promoting knot-learning app. Includes basic description of 100+ knots as well as videos and diagrams. Ian's Shoelace Site - Knots to tie shoelaces. Features illustrated and annotated techniques, knot comparison and ratings.
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