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North American Numbering Plan Administration: Area Codes - Find North American codes by a map, number, or location. Includes information on future planned area codes and a free downloadable area code database. exUSSR Phone Codes - Includes all cities of Russia, Ukraine, Belorussia, Moldova, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Kirgizia, and Tadjikistan. LincMad - Information about North American area codes, featuring changes, historical data and area code map. Detailed information on overlays and splits. UK Phone Information - Returns area information, map, BT charge information, and nearby exchange names for telephone numbers, access/short codes, or the name of a location. World Search Dial Codes - Contains world telephone codes and time zone information. Search by city, country or number. - Databases of active NPA NXX combinations, telephone area codes, exchanges, and central office prefixes within the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean. Dial Codes Plus - Listing of international dialing codes and area codes with instructions. Time and Date - International dialing codes for almost any country and area codes for many cities. The interface includes a dropdown selector and local times are provided with dialing codes. World Telephone Numbering Guide - Lists and links to current international dialing codes and area codes with formatting guides and provides information on recent and historical changes. - Calling guide for United States and Canadian residents listing international country and city codes, phone books and time zones. US Area Code Locations - Provides a list of towns and cities covered by each US area code including overlays and splits. - Online tool that builds dialing codes based on locations selected. Includes many international dialing codes and some area codes. Also has a reverse phone number lookup tool and current time. - Online tool that build dialing codes based on locations selected. Lists many international dialing codes and some area codes. Fone Finder - Enter the 3-digit prefix or the city name to find an area code. TP2Location - Resolve any telephone number to its geographical location. Local Calling Guide - A free resource mainly aimed at telecommunications companies. Users can browse tabular data on North American area codes, numbering schemes, and rate centers. The data is available as XML for computer programs to read. All Area Codes - Contains all area codes in the United States. Search by city or phone number. - International and national direct dialing prefixes and instructions. Time Dial - Displays the current time, international dialing code, area codes and currency converter for almost anywhere. Includes instructions on country codes and international dialing code parts usage. Verizon - US Area Code Lookup - Find the major locations in a certain area code by entering the area code, or find the area codes that are used in a certain state by entering the state name. - Database of area codes across North America. Includes an interactive area code map and list of cities within each code. Area Code Listing, by Number - Provides a numerical list of North American area codes. Includes region, description and timezone. Cell Phone List - Listing of North American area codes. Includes approximate number of cellular phone numbers. Comfi - Lists international dialing codes, area codes, weather, world time and currency exchange rates. Also has a reverse phone number lookup tool. ComReg - Provides fixed-line telephone area codes in the Republic of Ireland. ACMA: Numbers Specified for Use - Official listing of current area codes, future area codes, and prefixes for Australian phone numbers.
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