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Lists of abbreviations constructed mostly from the initial letters of the words of a phrase, with their meanings.
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Acronym Finder - Human-edited dictionary of acronyms, abbreviations, and initialisms. The Ultimate Computer Acronyms Archive (TUCAA) - Offers a searchable or browsable interface. CDIA Center Acronyms and Abbreviations - Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center indexed list. Learning, Performance, and Training Acronyms - Small collection of human resource oriented terms. Acronym Search - Collection of acronyms and abbreviations. Cartography Acronyms - Dictionary of terms used in geographic information systems, cartography and remote sensing. Babel: Computer-related Acronyms - A glossary of computer science and internet acronyms. High Energy Astrophysics: Common Acronyms - A small, very specialized reference. Acronyms and Abbreviations Dictionary - Contains terms with origins in the military, medical, technological, and business and training fields. Acronym Guide - A directory of common acronyms by topic. USPS Acronyms and Abbreviations Glossary - United States Postal Service terms and operational numbers. V.E.R.A. - Virtual Entity of Relevant Acronyms - List of computer acronyms, with cross references. Freeware Hall of Fame - Acronyms and emoticons used in the computer community. Frequently Seen Space/Astronomy Acronyms - Terms commonly appearing in space-related newsgroups. Glossary and Acronyms for PC and Server Technologies - Glossary of hardware and driver development terms for Windows products. AuctionSlanguage - Database of online auction related terms. MediLexicon - Searchable database of pharmaceutical, healthcare and medical abbreviations and acronyms. Health & Safety Acronyms - Short list used in the field of UK Occupational Health and Safety. - Browse acronyms and abbreviations by category. The Abbreviation Hunts - A general guide to three and four letter terms. Crittenden Automotive Library - The list of automotive acronyms. Smart Define - Database of abbreviations across a wide range of topics. Technology Acronyms - A searchable list of technology terms mostly in the fields of computing, telecommunications and programming. Veterinary Abbreviations and Acronyms Glossary - Terms commonly used in veterinary practice. USPS Official Abbreviations - Official abbreviations of the United States Postal Service. All Acronyms - Provides definitions sorted by categories and alphabetically.
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