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Recreation: refreshment of strength and spirits after work; also : a means of refreshment or diversion. Nudism: the practice of going nude especially in sexually mixed groups and during periods of time spent at specially secluded places. Seems simple enough. The sites listed here should in some fashion fall into both of the above descriptions. These sites feature a natural and healthy expression of the human body and emotion... a lifestyle... Due to the large number of hardcore sites being submitted to this category they will no longer be forwarded to Adult but will be deleted. .
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Fig Leaf Forum - A newsletter for Bible-believing Christian nudists. NetNude - International naturist/nudist site featuring information, chat facilities, message board, and pictures from participating naturists worldwide. TanPages Naturist Directory - International directory of naturist/nudist oriented businesses, products, resorts, clubs, websites and services. Being and Nakedness - A site about the pleasures of clothes-freedom. Includes articles and weekly "nudesletter." JMF's Nudist and Naturist Pages - Includes general nudism information, family and religious issues, news, and online naturist reading room and bookstore. Naked Iconoclasts Fighting The Yoke - A political organization dedicated to the cause of clothing optional rights in Canada and around the world. Includes calendar of events, photos and news. H&E Naturist - On-line magazine formerly called Health and Efficiency. Features naturist travel reports, lifestyle features and a mix of amateur and professional photographs (requires subscription). E Naturist - Nudist lifestyle portal featuring a nude blog, events calendar, articles, photo galleries, matchmaking, news and a directory (requires subscription). Nudist Mingle - On-line community for naturists which includes forums and blogs. Single - A matchmaking forum for single members of the American Association for Nude Recreation. Nudists Angered by Foley - St Petersburg Times news story about a candidate for the U.S. Senate who had compared Lake Como's summer nudist camp for children to child pornography. World Naked Gardening Day - Encouraging naturists across the globe to tend their gardens naked on the first Saturday of May. Nifoc Chat - Chat room where all are welcome but most chatters are members of the nudist community worldwide. Registration required. Naturist Life Magazine - Extracts and subscription details of this bi-monthly magazine. Includes details of naturist activities in the UK. True Nudists - Match making personals for nudists as well as a naturist clubs directory and photo gallery. Registration required. LDS Skinny Dipper's Forum - Forum for members of the Mormon Church who enjoy wholesome, chaste recreational skinny dipping and nudism. Nudist Friends - On-line community offering friendship and resources concerning the naturist lifestyle. Includes blogs and a forum. Nudist Law - With articles and information about court cases. Naktiv - Supports naked activities around the World including an annual walk across the Alps. Contains trip reports. Australian Police Arrest Nudists - BBC news story about police in Queensland, Australia, who arrested dozens of nude sunbathers in a crackdown to enforce public decency laws. Naturist Fiction Archive - Provides a repository of naturist fiction stories, that respect the social nudism promoted by naturist organizations. The Australian Naturist - Online magazine (subscription required).
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