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Sites about recreational activities around locks, from collecting to picking, also known as "Locksport".
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Toool - Netherlands - The Dutch chapters of the Open Organisation of Lockpickers. Includes details of the LockCon conference and scheduled gatherings. Lock Picking 101 - Forum providing information on locks and picking techniques. Includes sections on hardware and locksport. Guide to Lock Picking - Formerly known as the "MIT Guide to Lock Picking". Describes how pin tumbler locks work and basic picking techniques. HTML, PDF and Postscript versions. First Internet Lock Museum - Resource for those interested in the collection of locks. Includes illustrations with values. The Open Organization of Lockpickers (TOOOL) - Organizes educational meetings about locks and picking. Includes membership information, chapters and equipment. How Stuff Works: Lock Picking - Illustrated article on picking. Includes lock types, re-keying and videos. Wikipedia - Lock Picking - Online encyclopedia article about picking. Includes tools and legal status in different states and countries. Notes on Picking Pin Tumbler Locks - Educational article by Matt Blaze. Includes illustrations and exercises. Fraternal Order of Locksport (FOOLS) - Lock picking club. Includes meeting schedule, code of conduct and contact form. Bloomington, Indiana. Longhorn Lockpicking Club - Student organization at the University of Texas, Austin. Includes news and meeting schedules. Lockwiki - Designed as a reference for both the security and compromise of locks and safes. Beginners and advanced sections. Locksmith Blog - The day in the life of a UK locksmith. Includes tips, tricks and interesting jobs. Rogers, Saphy - Blog following the life of a self-employed locksmith in the Pennines, UK. Includes stories, humor and security news.
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