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Sites [ Submit ] - Primarily a site with puns, punny cartoons, and a forum on puns. Also includes links, webrings and some wordplay. Accepts submissions. Pun of the Day - Archive of puns in categories such as food, transportation, families, education, and work. Plus a one-liner pun every week day. Chet Meek's Page of Puns - Wide-ranging list of puns and wordplay, many of which are rhetorical in nature. Gladly accepts submissions from viewers. Puns for the ESL/EFL Classroom - Designed to help teachers of English as a Second Language. Also covers misuse of English. Requests submissions. MacScouter Puns - Wordplay on Dick Whittington's cat, psychics, Beethoven, and witch doctors. Periodic Table Puns - A test requiring using the imagination. Requests submissions. Web English Teacher - Although designed primarily to be instructional, these puns can also be appreciated by all. Pick-up Puns - Musically-oriented wordplay with modestly sexual overtones. Puns Galore - A searchable database of puns collected from the internet. Foreign Puns - Wordplay from a competition wherein competitors change one letter in a familiar non-English phrase and redefine it. Chemistry Puns - Also includes a punny chemistry test for the reader to fill in the blanks. Biology Puns - Material supplied by biology students. Physics Puns - Wordplay from physics students. Mathematics Puns - Designed perhaps best for the mathematician. Wade's Puns - Stories covering math, Norwegians and frogs, to name a few. Dumb Puns - A series of questions resulting in punny answers. Shaggy Pun Test - Involves taking a test about 100+ corruptions of phrases. Submissions are accepted. Diet Puns - Dan Worona's contribution to losing weight and humor in general. Tribe: Puns - For those that appreciate the most unappreciated form of word-flay. Forums for letting the puns fly. Once a Pun a Time - Artistic punny drawings by Robert Paschell: "Graze Anatomy", "Mooed Ring", "Cafe Ole" and others. Hamlet's Puns - Paradoxes in Shakespeare's play with annotated index.
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