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Teaching the Holocaust through Stamps - The story of the Holocaust on stamps. A links page on the Holocaust - Dedicated to the stamps, postal history and heroic explorers of the Antarctica and the Arctic. Collection of rare philatelic material. A century of Scouting on stamps of the world - Selected world-wide stamps picture depicting 100 years of Scouting. Coins on Stamps - Coins of countries on stamps 1935 Silver Jubilee of George V - Information on varieties, postal history and perfins related to the 250 stamps in the omnibus issue. Silver Jubilee Stamps - Stamp issues for the 1935 Silver Jubilee of George V. The Bible Odyssey on Israeli Stamps - The Bible Odyssey on Israeli Stamps Communism on Postal Stamps - The history of stamps from the formerly Communist countries in Europe. Coins on Stamps (hu) - Stamps from the world, which show coins or banknotes. Hans Christian Andersen: Fairy Tales on Stamps - Stamps and First day covers on Hans Christian Andersen and his tales, organized by year and country. Computer Stamps - Collecting postage stamps on computer science and information technology. A rich collection indexed in categories. Comic strips on European stamps - Stamps, designers and links. AIDS on Stamps - Most comprehensive collection of anti-AIDS and AIDS awareness stamps. World-wide United Nations Topicals - Searchable database of United Nations Topical stamps which are issued by countries around the world to honor the United Nations, the UN Specialized Agencies and their programs. Petroleum - The Black Gold, on Stamps - Stamps on Petroloeum - at various stages Birds of the World on Postage Stamps - Shows thousands of images organized by species or country. Jesuit Stamps - Displays issues that feature priests, institutions, and related subjects. Emmanuel Delperdange - Shares collection of postage issues containing design errors. Christmas Philatelic Club - Dedicated to Christmas philatelic material. UNESCO World Heritage and Philately - More than 610 sites from 120 countries, over 1,000 scans. In four languages. Postal Cancellations Art - Pictorial cancellations with matching stamps creates a thematically-unified whole. Sci-Philately - Showcases the range of published science-related postal materials, along with the stories behind the images on the stamps. Stamps on Snorkeling, Scuba Diving & Underwater Exploration - Lists and pictures water recreation-related stamps by country. A Philatelic Display of the Jesuit Mission - Pictures and describes dozens of stamps honoring Jesuits. Triangular Stamps - Providing a catalog organized by country, this site pictures triangle-shaped stamps. Lace Stamps of the World - World stamps with lace in some form featured on them Flags and Stamps - Collector blogs about stamps and covers depicting flags, especially the flag of India. Bahá'í Philately - Pictures and describes stamps, covers, and postal stationery featuring subjects related to the Bahá'í faith. The CartoPhilatelic Society - Study of stamps relating to maps and cartography. Color of Stamp - Blog illustrates colorful thematic stamps issued by countries around the world. Ephemeral Treasures - Stamp collector's web pages featuring stamps and postal history related to the Second World War and the history of commercial aviation. Stamps for Exchange - Offers to trade various topical issues. Thematic Philately - Stamp domain for thematic/topical philately, philatelic Societies and thematic Philatelic books
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