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A collection of links containing material dealing with the concept of backyard birding, including bird houses, feeders, and baths.
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Backyard Birding - Information about gardening and feeding birds, and creating wildlife habitats in the yard. Gardensafari: Birds - Photos, sounds, and notes of birds in a Netherlands garden. British Garden Birds - Photographs, descriptions to aid identification, and notes on the birds that visit a suburban garden in Sheffield, England. Backyard Birding - Our Feathered Friends - Birds of Central Indiana with pictures and real video. Backyard Birder - The basics of backyard birding including bird seed, bird feeders,and squirrel control to attract wild birds to your yard. WildBirds - Guide to feeding, attracting, and identifying backyard birds. BellaOnline - Birding - Short articles on various birding subjects, with photographs, recipes, and gardening information. Blue Tit Nest Box - Infrared images of nesting Blue Tits in Henfield, UK. Backyard Birding Basics - How to become a birdwatcher; introduction to bird anatomy and bird behavior. Backyard Nature Specialist - Personal site from Minnesota with tips for attracting wild birds and other wildlife to your backyard. Birdhouse WebRing - Webring for bird house lovers, collectors, and designers. All Birds - Basic tips for beginning bird watchers in the U.S., including nest boxes, identification, anatomy, bird shapes, and feeding. My Backyard Birds - Information on backyard bird watching and feeding. Includes community forum and photo gallery. Ray Brown's Talkin' Birds - A Massachusetts-based radio show about birdwatching in the backyard and beyond. Stokes Birds at Home - Information about attracting and watching backyard birds, as well as the Stokes's television series on bird watching in the US. For the Birds - Brief tips on setting up bird feeders, bird houses, bird baths, and hummingbird feeders, as well as finding the best seed. Attract Wild Birds - Information on encouraging, feeding, and identifying birds in North America. Birds In Your Garden - Articles, tips and advice on everything related to backyard or garden birdwatching. Duncraft's Wild Bird Blog - Blog for wild bird enthusiasts from Duncraft. Nestboxes - Specifications for building nestboxes for 10 species of Texas birds. A Home for Wild Birds - Advice on attracting birds. With recipes and plans to build houses. BirdHouses 101 - Shares the different nesting and feeding preferences for North American birds. - E-magazine with articles on communication, identification, intelligence and relationships. The Zen Birdfeeder - A blog with photographs and articles.
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