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Homebuilt aircraft are more properly described by the FAA as Experimental Amateur Built. This means that they may be owned and operated with little restriction in the Experimental Category with the requirement that the major portion be built by a party or parties not for compensation. They generally fall into the category of kit built airplanes and plans built airplanes although there is some overlap.
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Europa ZK-TSK, A Builder's Log - Tony Krzyzewski is building Europa #272 in New Zealand and documenting the enitire build. Project Sunbird - A builder's log describing the construction of a Comp Air 6 and how the author came to build one. The BD-5 Home Page - Information and images of all models of the Bede Aircraft Corp. The site has a mailing list and produces a regular bulletin. Sequoia Aircraft Corporation - A support site for builders of the Sequoia Falco, containing photographs, flight test reports, historical and technical material, and builder essays. Dave's N323XL KR2S Aircraft Factory - A site dedicated to those intrepid homebuilders with the tenacity to build a Rand Robinson KR aircraft. The Flying Maige - Documentary of a Rotorway 162F experimental helicopter project. Includes narrative and video of various stages of build. James Redmon's Berkut Project Page - A builder's view documentary and pictorial journal of the construction of Berkut kitplane. Ultraliviano Guri - Two place ultralight with composite and aluminum construction. RV6 - N664SB - Documents the project from start to flight. Construction pictures, links and hints that would be of interest to other RV6 Builders. Whisper Motorglider - Pictures and plans of a kit motorglider. Richard King's GlaStar - Photographs and documentation of a construction project and builder tips. Includes information on the Annual Glastar Rough River Fly-in. RVBuilder - A resource for RV homebuilders. Tips, projects, pictures and news. Allows submission from users. Glasair Super II RG Construction Log - Documents the assembly of a Glasair Super II RG from start to finish with a photo log of the building process. Bill Hammond Kitfox Builders Log - Documents construction of a Kitfox Series 6 aircraft. George's Falco - A builder's log of construction of a Sequoia Falco in Auckland, New Zealand. Kathleens rv7 Homebuilt Aircraft Builders Project - A progress log of a Van's RV7 homebuilt airplane project with building pictures. Murray's CH 701 Project - Recreational project of building a Zenith CH 701 from scratch. progress of my aircraft project. Includes progress, plans, and photos. A & R Stiller and Associates Pty Ltd - Distributor for the BushCaddy R80 all metal ultralight. Prices and builders logbook. Zenith Aircraft Company - Detailed information and resources on sport aviation and their line of home-built kit planes for sport pilots.
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