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Recreation: Audio is a category that contains sites for the audio hobbyist and enthusiast. This is more about the technology, and not about music. Sites listed herein generally provided information, news and resources for the hobbyist or audiophile, and provides this information for public use without any intent to profit financially from the information or material provided. This category does NOT list sites related to individual bands, musicians, equipment manufacturers, online shopping, or retailers.
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The Audioholics - Includes information, reviews and technical guides for equipment and accessories. AudioWorld - Audio industry, news, reviews, ratings, references, company directory, and cross reference. Sonic State - The music and pro-audio theme park. Features classifieds, synth site, directory, and chat. Remote Central - Information on mid- to high-end universal remote controls: product reviews; message forums. Audio Ideas Guide - Hi-fi and Home Theater e-zines. Reviews, news, articles, tweaks, and other audiophile resources. AudioNova - Audio resource for manufacturers, forums, magazines and journals. AudioKarma - Focused to stereo high-fidelity, including tube audio, home theater, and especially vintage 1970s gear, even vintage TV receivers. Site offers discussion forums, help, and general information for the audio enthusiast. Los Angeles Audio File - Home theater and audio community with product reviews. Tuner Information Center - Focused on vintage FM stereo tuners. Reviews, explanations of how tuners work, explains about tube tuners, and notes on alleged fraudulent online auctions. Retro hi-fi - A vintage high-fidelity portal for discussing and displaying classic and vintage amplifiers, tuners, turntables such as Thorens, Quad, and pick-up arms. Also, provides a classified listings. Useful Audio Potpourri, A - Focuses on indoor FM antenna design and a Hafler circuit for surround sound. Also, includes a directory of related links. Audio Review - Offers consumer-generated product reviews, ratings, prices for brands and models. Graham Slee - Blog with news and views about the audio industry and design.
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