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Blogs covering general news stories and current events. Tend to be in the style of news tickers rather than journals.
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Investigatore Privato Roma - investigatore privato, opera in Italia e all'estero per indagare su fatti privati, aziendali e per la difesa penale in tribunale. American Infidel Live  - Personal opinion on politics and current . Political commentary, podcasts, conservative news. Also covers music, movies and entertainment. Rhetorica - Regularly updated commentary and analysis of rhetoric and spin in politics and journalism. | conflux - A weblog that provides daily updates and links to news items and stories related to science and technology, culture, privacy and the media. Metafilter - Community based news oriented weblog. Politics in the Zeros - Musings on politics, California, water, and otherwise. The Mahablog - News, opinion, and discussion critical of the Bush Administration. Lean Left - Another small attempt at disseminating progressive thought. BTC News - An acerbic, satirical, outraged and occasionally outrageous look at news, politics and miscellaneous oddities. ThePolitic - Canadian conservative weblog that publishes daily commentary on political events in Canada. Voluntary Exchange - Posts on current events and culture, focused from an economic perspective. NextDraft News - A newsletter and website that covers all the news from politics to pop culture, from Jerusalem to JLo. It's your dinner party prep. Reality Bites Back - Steve Gosset, a veteran of print and broadcast news, now watches the industry from the sidelines and assess news coverage and content. Offers opinions on a wide range of topical items. Media Nation - Dan Kennedy blogs about the press, politics, technology, culture and other passions. Michelle Malkin - Conservative journalist's analysis of current events and politics. Topix - Blog News - Headline links about news on blogs and blogging collected from diverse media sources worldwide. kausfiles - Mickey Kaus follows developments in politics, advertising, business, and the media. A Slate weblog. The Huffington Post - Offers syndicated columnists, blogs and news stories with moderated comments. The Green Ribbon - London-based Irish journalist, Tom Griffin, offers news, analysis and opinion. Kristine Lowe - Deals with current trends in online journalism. Also includes personal observations about life in Scandinavia. Morpheme Tales - Contains journalism on international issues, the humanities, and technology. Written by a professional journalist and poet. Notepad - The work of Andy Riga, a reporter and occasional political writer at The Gazette in Montreal. Blogger News Network - Blogging site with dozens of contributors, covering aspects of the news business from a citizen journalist perspective. The Hidden World - Artist Shea Holliman comments on news stories of interest to him. Washington Post - Blog Directory - Comprehensive listing of the newspaper's blogs, organized by subject. Includes archives of no longer current blogs. Grumpy Editor - Critical observations from a journalist keeping an eye on all media, especially print and broadcast. Rising Sun - Provides the author's published articles that are quoted by the Philippine and global media. The Guardian Technology: Blogging - Starting point to a set of news stories providing introductory information about all aspects of blogging. Guardian Unlimited - Newsblog - Team weblog from the British newspaper's news team, augmented with dispatches from their journalists around the world. InstaPundit.Com - Glenn Reynolds' weblog offers opinions on current events, as well as humor and personal notes. Barbados Underground - Covers topical and controversial news, with a prime focus on Barbados. James Wolcott's Blog - Vanity Fair contributing editor blogs about politics and current events. Buzz Machine - By Jeff Jarvis. Fishwrap - Posts focus on historic news-clippings available through the archive held Also provides tips and hints on how to navigate and search at that clipping service. The National Police Gazette - Offers historical articles and illustrations, as well as current news and opinions. The Russia Monitor - A blog about developments in Russian law, politics, and business. Lotus - Surviving a Dark Time - Offering commentary on, and analysis of, current events from the perspective of the radical nonviolent left. Everyday Citizen - Commentary on social, political and economic events. - Political and economic commentary. Angelocracy News and Politics - Provides personal opinion on events with accompanying pictures and videos. Also has sections for music, movies and technology. FITSNews - South Carolina based writings also covering what's going on at the White House, around the world and in business. Dagblog - Offering social and political commentary. - Reports on current affairs from around the world. Arabia Deserta: MENA Focus - Analysis, and commentary of world events with emphasis on the Middle East, the Arab and Islamic worlds. Covers politics, economics, finance, religion, culture, and Middle East security issues. Bluegrass Pundit - Comment and articles on current events, politics, and humor. Sher View - A commentary covering world political, economic and social aspects. Conservative Daily News (CDN) - Provides political commentary, cartoons and opinion. Canary Trap - Indian weblog with information relating to intelligence, terrorism and politico-security matters. The Laser Guided Loogie - Irreverent political commentary wih cartoons and memes. As I See It - Political commentary with a focus on LGBTQ issues. Includes podcasts, videos and a biography. Wow! Magazine - Covers politics, PC silliness and social issues, with an open forum for readers' comments on chosen issues. The Economic Voice - Covering politics, business, lifestyle and science. - A critical review of politics, business and the media. The Blog is Mine - Offers general news stories with moderated comments from a variety of sources. The Stafford Voice - Articles written about current affairs across the United States. Shenandoah - Focusing on economic and political events worldwide, providing commentary on media articles. - Provides reports from around the world - particularly the United States. NewsGram - International reports on politics, society, culture, sports and entertainment. Featuring trending stories and Instagram photographs. - Offers coverage of entertainment, style, world news, technology and business. Foreign Policy News - An overview of international affairs, including alternative opinions by international relations experts. Russian Mass Media - Translated articles from Russian sources on international and national concerns. Gates of Vienna - Reports on events in Europe.
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