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Dedicated to satirizing topical issues and those individuals making the news. Includes spoof newspapers, news-focused satirical columnists and discussions.
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Private Eye - Offers include old world, I-Spy, lookalikes, crossword, strips and a diary. British publication. Daily Squib - A satirical newspaper offering spoof news, political satire, comedy, opinion news. The Daily Mash - British satire site offering funny stories on news, politics and sport, an agony aunt column and polls. Derf Magazine - Weekly satire of news and video. All original material faking coverage of sports, entertainment, business, politics, and lifestyle items. The Chaser - Australia's leading satirical newspaper. The Onion - A farcical newspaper featuring world, national and community news. News Biscuit - A satirical take on current events. - Includes video podcasts and news in your briefs. Ironic Times - Weekly world and US stories. NewsThump - British tongue-in-cheek articles across categories such as environment, health and politics. The Daily Currant - "The global satirical newspaper of record". Borowitz Report - View of US current events. Features archives, appearances and books. Daily. Surreal Scoop - UK focused silliness with articles written on anything from pompous politicians to self-serving celebrities. The Inept Owl - Ridicules politicians and celebrities, and includes reviews, horoscopes, pictures and videos. Supplies podcasts. EMToast - Includes absurd world news, silly folk art and odd products. The Daily Discord - Presents spoof news and reviews, and dumb text of the week. Rubbish In, Robish Out - Covering politics, celebrities and current events. Includes a stand-up video page for the author. The Daily Rash - Articles on US current affairs, celebrities and politics. FakingNews - India focused with articles about politics, society and technology. Friday Mash - Comic strips, drawings and articles. Reflections on politicians and current affairs. FarziNews - Indian silliness in categories such as celebrity, cricket and politics. Bent Spud - Offers articles on topics such as business, crime and entertainment. Also has reviews. Humor Times - Featuring political and editorial cartoons, humor columns, fake news, funny videos, movie reviews and user participation. The Daily Cheese - UK focused wit in categories such as politics, health, sport and world. FM Observer - Offers a round-up of articles covering topics such as entertainment and sports. National Report - Ridiculously wrong reporting from the USA with a broad range of subjects covered including the ubiquitous American politics, religion and health. Dandy Goat - Breaks non-stories from the USA and around the world. Writes about topics such as power, money and peasantry. Dapaan - Provides Kashmir-related nonsense in categories such as society and business. Bass Lake Beacon - Community non-newspaper writing about local events and current affairs. Conservative News Online - Delivers US political fiction. Satire Life - Reporting on current affairs and entertainment. The Rising Wasabi - Japanese periodical delivering fictitious reports on subjects such as Japanese politics, society and world current affairs.
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