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Magazines and E-zines for those who are tired of "mainstream" media.
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Spiked Online - Online, off-message news with an emphasis on politics, IT, science, liberties and culture. Includes special issue reports. London. Thomas Terrio's View from the West - Current events, photography, and editorial opinions. AlterNet - Political and cultural E-zine with original journalism, commentary, weblogs and videos. - Magazine (print and online) dedicated to independent investigative journalism. In Motion Magazine - A multicultural, online U.S. publication about democracy, with sections on culture, politics, society and other topics. In The Fray - An online magazine devoted to understanding, reporting on, and acting upon issues of identity and community. Areas covered include belief, class, gender, physique, race, and sexuality. Guernica - Covers politics, fiction, poetry, and the arts. Global Comment - Articles on topics such as arts and politics. Make a History - Articles covering art, music, hacking and design. Also has links to real-time news and provides image galleries and videos. Whiteout Press - Provides exposés of world events. Archived articles cover themes such as entertainment, environment and 'rebel underground '. The New Idealist - Back issue library including a fictional issue 7 set in the future. Topics covered include autism and doomsday. The Wilderness Post - Supplies articles covering such topics as spiritually, survivalism, history and discoveries. Trill! - Articles in categories such as food, life and art, with an interestingly named 'interesting' section. Gipsy Ninja - Articles and videos on topics such as science, nature and lifestyle.
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