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Writings, ideas, information, suggestions on Fathering which are by an individual or about individual experiences of parenting by men.
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Dads View - One dad's experiences with his young son with tips about education and learning. Westside Dad - Weblog on fathering. News on dadissues such as coaching, balancing work and parenting, mentoring and teaching creativity. Dear Henry - Dear Henry is a father's blog containing letter's to his deceased son, Henry. Henry died in December 2002. MetroDad - Writing about experiences as a new Dad. Like Father Like... - Diary of a first time father. Learning To Be Dad - The joys, pains and experience of being a Father for the first time. Mr. Evan's Plea - Non-custodial, three times divorced father tells how unfair things are for him regarding visitation with his minor children. Be A Good Dad - Personal weblog pertaining to raising kids and trying to be a good father. Straight Dope Dad - A self employed, stay at home dad gives you the straight dope about parenting, kids, love and life. Parenting tips, tricks and advice from a human secularist perspective. Single Dads - Advice, personal stories, and information of interest for the single dad or single mother in the information age. Science-Based Parenting - Weblog by a science enthusiast and father. Also includes articles on acupuncture, homeopathy and vaccinations. And Triplets Makes Six - One man's story of going from bachelor to family of six in 18 months. Java John Z's - Offers product reviews and giveaways with occasional technical advice and information on Boston area events. Mr. Dad - A resource for fathers in all areas of parenting. Created by best selling author, Armin Brott, it has information for new and old dads alike. Daddy Blogger - Ricky Shetty offers reviews and tips from a father's perspective. Dad or Alive - Written by Mr. Adrian, it offers various stories and experiences throughout his life from his perspective as a man. Another Day Of life - A Father's journey to raise his children while dealing with special needs, debt, and family life in order to bring their dreams to reality. The Dad Jam - Collaborative parenting resource for fathers and parents of young children. This large-scale discussion website focuses on a variety of fatherhood topics. - Discussion forum for parents of boys. Also includes articles on parenting, sibling rivalry, and development issues. Daddy Yashiro's Journal - Yashiro is a Filipino dad who blogs about life, parenting and kids. Thoughts of Nate's Dad - A father's thoughts on his son, new adventures as a father, and little tips to share along the way. CleverFather - Advice for dads and new fathers on parenting, pregnancy, raising children and just being a great dad. Describes one Canadian man's trip through fatherhood. DadJack - A single dad's journey through Divorce, Career, Relationships and Parenting. A Dad's Diary - This daddy blog aims to shed light on fatherhood through humor. Dad vs Wild - A guide to adventurous parenting written by a father living in Nebraska. Just Add Father - A chronicle from a dad who lost his own father as a young child and explores how to raise a son. The Daddy Experience - A comedic reflection on fatherhood that is informative, but lighthearted.
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