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Resources to help all members of the adoption triad search and reunite with family members.
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Shea's Search Series: The Definitive Guide to Self-Empowered Adoptee Search - Guides provide advice from making the decision to search, and choices in searching, through petitioning the court. White Oak Foundation - A not-for-profit organization offering free post-adoption services to all triad members with an Illinois connection. Information about searching, legislation, services and programs. Adoption Crossroads - Network of adoption search, support and reunion organizations. Includes message board and chat room. Adoption Search Links - Collection of links related to searching for birth family. West Texas Children's Aid and Welfare Association - Information about the W.A. Nicholas Home which operated in Abilene, Texas from 1921 to 1945, and placed children in Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico. Adoption Puzzle - Information about searching, adoptee rights, and adoption reform. PA Adoption Search and Education - Contains general information about searching in Pennsylvania. Includes a review of legislative and political issues, copy of relinquishment documents, and list of area support and search groups. Adoptionopoly - A satire, modeled loosely on the board game Monopoly, that highlights the frustrations experienced by adult adoptees who are trying to search for their origins. Colorado Adoption Search and Reunion Resources - Tips, links and book recommendations for adoptees and birth parents. Colorado Adoption Search and Reunion - Dedicated to Colorado adoptees, birth families, and adoptive families, but providing general search information and tips. Protestant Home for Babies - Information about a maternity and adoption home located in New Orleans, Louisiana. Includes search help and tips. Washington Adoption Reunion Movement - A non-profit organization that provides information, referral, support and search services to adoptees, birth families and adoptive parents. Includes membership information and list of support groups. Heartland Adoption Connection - Features a registry, search tips, and reunion stories. Canadian Council of Natural Mothers - Organization that supports open access to personal information in adoption records and access to the original registration of live birth for both natural mothers and adult adopted persons. Includes Mothers Bill of Rights, articles and search and membership information. [English and French]
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