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This category is for the listing of sites providing E-mail lists on cooking and recipes.
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A MightyCool Recipe - Daily, with shopping list for recipe presented. - Offers a daily copy cat recipe of a famous food. Check for favorite restaurant recipes or packaged foods. 1Recipe - One recipe, usually daily, will be sent. Frugal Friends In The Kitchen - A large, busy, list for sharing recipes, cooking expertise, and ways to save time and money in the kitchen. Cooking with Recipelu - Recipe exchange list to share recipes and advice. Vegcrockpotcooks at Yahoo!Groups - A mailing list to exchange vegetarian recipes made in the crock pot. Frozen Assets - Email discussion group for freezer-meal and bulk cooking techniques. Share recipes, tips, encouragement. SimpleMeals - Mailing list to exchange recipes and ideas. Seasoned Cooking - Monthly magazine offering recipes, reviews, and healthy lifestyle tips. Slowcooker at Yahoo!Groups - A large list questions, chat, and recipes related to any part of crockpot cooking. Foods For You To Cook Home - Offers Marlene's Cooking Club newsletter. Crockpot - Intended to help people with ideas and recipes for the crock pot or similar table top appliances. Exchange Recipes - A small recipe swapping list. Outdoor Cooking - Camping and related issues discussed. Recipe a Day - Announcement list with archives. Recipe du Jour - Easy to prepare recipes free via email 6 days a week. Recipe du Jour Petite - Recipe only version the Recipe du Jour zine. Recipe Exchange - Here you can exchange recipes and tell how you liked them. Recipes - For chefs as well as people who just like new ideas for preparing food. Tasty Bites Cooking Newsletter - Provides recipes for dishes from around the world. Wildgame - For the serious hunter who enjoys eating as much as he enjoys hunting, especially eating what he 'bags'. World Cuisines - Open list with closed archives. Cuisine at Home Magazine - Sends recipes by e-mail once a week. Free registration. Kathy's Recipe of the Week - Receive one recipe each week.
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