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Clothing and Accessories is a consumer information and education category featuring sites on clothing, fashion, style, clothing care, wardrobe tips and strategies, and related topics. It is designed to help consumers find news and information about clothing and style. While it covers articles on shopping and shopping strategies, it is NOT designed for shopping sites, which should be listed in the appropriate shopping category.
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Qipao/Cheongsam - Website about Chinese fashion, specifically the qipao and cheongsam. How Stuff Works: How Computerized Clothing Will Work - Illustrated narrative shows how computerized clothes will be the next step in making computers and devices portable. Leah Feldon - Advice from style guru with fashion tips, style advice and finding good buys. - Gives consumers a chance to review their favourite and most hated brands of clothing, shoes and accessories, and groups them under user-friendly categories. Dress for Interview Success - How to dress well for a job interview. The Vintage Hawaiian Shirt - Detailed visual retrospective of vintage Hawaiian shirts with images, descriptions and history. Includes personal commentary from the collector. Fashion 411 - Fashion trends, wardrobe advice for petite, tall and plus-size women, and other useful articles. Fee required for some sections. SheFinds - New York-based site with trend reports and personal shopping events. Newsletter available. - Swap fashionable clothing and cosmetics with women from all around the world. Includes forum and magazine. The Budget Fashionista - How to look your best for less. Find out about the latest styles, secret celebrity fashion tips and discount designer fashions. Modern Traditional Clothing - Forums, search, auctions and information about various ethnic, tribal and traditional styles and current fashions. Updates weekly by way of subscription newsletter. Fitness Travel Gear - Features reviews of hiking boots, running apparel, packs and luggage, and digital devices. Includes some shopping links. International Bra and Dress Size Calculators and Converters - Includes bra size calculator, bra size converter and dress size converter. Necktie Aficionado - Necktie resource on buying, how to tie a tie, the latest looks, and care. The Clothing, Lingerie and Apparel Dictionary - Definitions defining the terms and phrases used to describe lingerie and apparel. Savvies - Guide to shopping and style, with weekly newsletter and video podcast. The Handbag Designer Resource - Background information to handbags and their latest trends. Talk2myShirt - Blog dealing with wearable technology. The Fabric of Our Lives - Funded by Cotton Inc., this site provides information about fabrics, care of products, information on where to buy, and industry news. Jacqui Stafford's Fabulous, Fashionable Life - Shape fashion and beauty editor Jacqui Stafford provides expert advice through video segments. T-Shirt Guy's T-Shirt Blog - Blog featuring fun and interesting T-shirts. YouLookFab - A fashion pro gives advice on increasing one's style quotient. Includes a community of fashion lovers for women of all body types, budgets and lifestyles. Clueless Fashionista - Offers easy to understand fashion tips for those people that want to be more fashionable but aren't sure how. Fashion After 50 - Free fashion archetype quiz helps older women rediscover their inner goddess and style preferences. Advice about how to dress, news about trends. The Chic Fashionista - Offers fashion advice, style tips and outfit inspiration. Wedding Gown Town - Weblog on the latest fashion in wedding dresses. Wardrobe 911 - Directory of personal stylists, advice, resources and quizzes for different body types. Quicksize - Conversion tables for clothing, divided into categories (shoes, skirts, jeans, shirts, etc.), for men, women and children. Chicisimo - User-driven site showcasing personal fashion and style, with a best-of section selected each week and month. Look Fabulous - Advice website aimed at helping women get the right look with their clothing and body shapes, and their hairstyles and face shapes. Go Try It On - Offers an opportunity to get a second opinion on an outfit using a webcam or uploaded photo, as well as shopping advice and the ability to rate others' outfits. Arash Mazinani - A site dedicated to style advice, fashion tips and trend updates for men and women. Buying Clothing Online - Background information on online ordering, security, return policies, size charts and shipping. Women’s Business Clothes - Looking at different body shapes, and the business attire that suits. Leather Handbags - Guide explaining the different types and brands of handbags. Style Pilot - An online personal stylist for men. Working Person - Blog covering various topics about workwear, standards, regulations and how to stay protected. Style Clarity - Articles and resources pages covering wardrobe planning, fashion and style. Top Prom Websites - Prom website reviews, a list of verified retailers, and links to all prom dress manufacturers for the current season. Lovely Living - A weblog on fashion, shopping, style, cooking, cosmetics, writing and the arts. Jeans Manufacturers - How jeans' manufacturers make blue jeans and what to know when buying or ordering them. The Recessionista - Shopping tips for finding affordable fashion, wine, food, beauty products and travel. Fashion Icon - Features dressing tips and articles, an "ask the fashion experts" column, and fun craft projects for recycling dated fads. Fashion Trial - Ask a fashion related question and upload your photos. Others can then vote between your looks or outfits. Outfit Ideas HQ - A fashion blog with fashion advice and style tips. Style Yourself Confident - A free information website on how to do your own style makeover with a series of simple questions. - Articles on fashion, hair and lifestyle.
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