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Sites geared towards teens and young adults covering health aspects of topics such as illegal drugs, alcohol, addictive substances and substance abuse. General health substance abuse sites are listed in Health/Substance_Abuse.
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Partnership for Drug-Free Kids - A drug abuse prevention, intervention, treatment and recovery resource, to help parents and caregivers address alcohol and drug abuse with their teens and young adults. Active - A non-governmental federation for national abstainer organizations in Europe. Above The Influence - Interactive site focusing on ideas to keep teens from using drugs. Allows teens to share their stories through photos and videos. Addaction - A UK based drug and alcohol treatment charity. Includes drug information, parent section, publications and links. Monitoring the Future - An ongoing study of the behaviors, attitudes, and values of American students and young adults funded by the National Institute on Drug Abuse. Dear Daughter - An open letter to a daughter about the effects of drugs, drinking and death. Teens With Problems - Information to help parents spot substance abuse in their teen, including over the counter medications, huffing of inhalants, and use of illegal drugs. Safety First - Resources for parents about teens, drugs, and drug education. Strategies for home and school. How Stuff Works: How Alcohol Works - In-depth partial graphic tutorial about alcohol examines all the ways in which alcohol affects the human body. Mendez Foundation - A substance abuse and violence prevention organization, focuses on alcohol, tobacco and drug prevention education among children and teenagers.
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