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Psychological abuse refers to the humiliation or intimidation of another person, but is also used to refer to the long-term effects of emotional shock.
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truth lies decision - Healing ministries for all walk of life, all ways of life, all ways to death, all ways. Philosophy for world peace and food, clothing, and shelter in abundance. World Family Community reshapes a world of death for celebration of life. Dr Irene's Verbal Abuse Site - Boards, lists , articles, advice and links. Symptoms of Emotional Abuse - List of symptoms to help you determine if your relationship is verbally abusive. Psychological Abuse - Essay about how not to abuse from a teacher, addressed to other teachers. A Real Old-fashioned Art - How to handle verbal abuse, includes information about non-escalating verbal self-defense. Verbal Abuse - Support resources, newsletter, recommended reading regarding verbal abuse and how to resist it. This is a War: Emotional Abuse - Information about the impact of emotional abuse on relationships and on mental health. You Are Not Crazy Abuse Site - Listen to a bonafide verbally abusive conversation and learn how to identify abuse. Abusive Love - For verbal abuse: signs, red flags, examples, self-help, recovery plus definition of terms and types of all kinds of abusive behavior. NarcissismAddictionsAbuse - Provides how-to and self-help information for women needing emotional pain relief because of a partner's narcissism, addictions, and abuse. Includes articles and details about the author, Dr. England. Mind Control and Ritual Abuse - Presents a library of articles and excerpts from publications. Respect-Me RULES - Teaches potential targets of abuse how to respect themselves enough not to allow their partners to mistreat them. Stop the Storm - A blog with personal stories of an adult survivor of child abuse, information on attachment disorders and developmental risks.
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