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A subspecialty of internal medicine concerned with morphology, physiology, and pathology of the blood and blood-forming tissues.
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BloodLine - Case studies, images, journal articles and hematology news. Atlas of Hematology - Contains images of blood cells with descriptions. Mayo Clinic Hematology Division - Information for patients and referring physicians about multiple myeloma and related plasma cell proliferative disorders. BloodMed - Resource for hematology research, practice, and education. Provides literature reviews, news, and online publications. Hematology - Wikipedia article describing branch of medicine, related diseases, tests, and treatments. Haematology - Provides cell images of various blood cells. General Practice Notebook - Haematology - Coverage of this medical speciality. Family Practice Notebook: Hematology and Oncology - Comprehensive database on hematological and oncological disorders. European Federation for Immunogenetics - Promotes education and information exchange between professionals working in immunogenetics research field. EFI organize scientific meetings in Europe. Hematopathology Index - Imaging resource providing pathology cell images of normal blood cells and cells bearing various blood diseases. Blood Haematology Information - Portal providing news and information regarding blood diseases. Includes information to help monitor blood pressure symptoms. Timeline of Major Hematology Landmarks - Provides dates of significant discoveries from 460 BC till the present day. BloodBook - Provides information about blood, facts, transfusion, news, safety, diseases, disorders, autologous blood collection and storage. Wikipedia: Haematopoiesis - Encyclopedia article on the haematopoietic stem cells from which all cellular blood components are derived. NHS Choices: Blood Groups - Provides information on the different blood groups, the ABO system and the Rh system. Bupa: Bone Marrow (Stem Cell) Transplantation - Factsheet explaining this procedure, what to expect afterwards, the risks and possible complications.
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