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Dementia describes a gradual decrease in cognitive abilities from a once-normal state over a period of time. This category is for sites about the dementias of old age and geriatics. Alzheimer's is one type of dementia.
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Definition - Dementia - From a dictionary of terms pertaining to memory processes. Dementia Advocacy and Support Network International - Provides information about DASN, a non-profit organization. Includes news headlines and resources for the diseases. - Information and tools on dementia, created for medical professionals and for patients or caregivers. Ethnic Elders Care - Covers diagnostic and treatment issues in dementia among ethnic elders and includes listings for memory disorders clinics, medical news, caregiver advice and information on cultural aspects of dementia. Kuru Disease - An explanation of this brain rotting disease found only in a remote part of New Guinea. Dementia Guide - An online tool for caregivers and persons with dementia to help recognize, understand, record, monitor and track symptoms. Find information about the types, treatments, Alzheimer's and working with your doctor. Binswanger's Disease - Subcortical arteriosclerotic encephalopathy information sheet compiled by National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke. Dementias: Hope Through Research - Information on Alzheimer's disease, vascular dementia, and other types of dementia compiled by the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS). Patient UK: Dementia - Factsheet on this syndrome where the patient has multiple cognitive deficits and memory loss, including its epidemiology, presentation, diagnosis, investigation, principles of good practice, treatment, management, prognosis and prevention. NHS Choices: Dementia - Provides information on this syndrome associated with an ongoing decline of the brain and its abilities. Includes a short video and details of symptoms, causes, diagnosis, treatment, complications and prevention. eMedicine Health - Dementia Overview - Consumer health resource center providing information on the causes, symptoms, and treatment. Dementia - The Mayo Clinic presents a description of the condition, its causes, and methods of coping. Dementia: Diagnosis and Treatment - Diagnosis, management and support for individuals and families affected by dementia Dementia - Overview and fact sheet on dementia from the Merck Medical Manual.
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