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Zoonoses or zoonotic diseases are those which can be transmitted directly from animals to humans, infection that can be acquired indirectly from the environment by humans from animals, and diseases which have an animal reservoir, but require an arthropod (insect, mite, or tick) to transmit the disease to humans. Zoonoses or zoonotic diseases are all the diseases collectively as described above. A single disease, such as rabies, is called a zoonosis or zoonotic disease.
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Zoonotic Diseases Tutorial - Zoonotic diseases are diseases caused by infectious agents that can be transmitted between (or are shared by) animals and humans. Features detailed information on many organisms. AVMA Public Health Information - Publications and links from the American Veterinary Medical Association on "Mad Cow Disease", psittacosis, rabies, and other zoonoses. Zoonoses Manual - Extensive article from the Los Angeles County Department of Health Services. CDC - Healthy Pets, Healthy People - Directory of zoonotic disease related factsheets, articles, prevention tools, resources, and news reports. Society for Zoonotic Ecology and Epidemiology - Features publications, events, research, and publications. Salmonella and Other Zoonoses: The Basics - Discusses salmonellosis and other zoonoses carried by reptiles and other pets. Zoonoses of House Pets Other Than Dogs, Cats and Birds - Article by Bruno B. Chomel, DVM PhD, Pediatric Infectious Diseases Journal. Melissa Kaplan's Herps, Zoonoses and Related Human Health Concerns - Directory of articles and factsheets on pet related zoonoses focussing on salmonella in iguanas. Larva Migrans and Echinococcus Hydatidosis - Features treatments, causes, and prevention. WHO/OMS: Zoonoses - Factsheets and publications concerning several zoonotic diseases. Zoonoses Acquired from Pet Primates - Discusses several monkey and ape borne zoonotic diseases. WHO: Zoonotic Diseases: Animal and Food-related Health Risks - Features factsheets, meetings, reports, issues, and publications. Zoonotic Diseases - Disease information on several zoonoses. National Center for Foreign Animal and Zoonotic Disease Defense - News and information about U.S. Department of Homeland Security research, informatics, and related efforts to address the threats presented by introduced zoonoses. Hokkaido University Research Center for Zoonosis Control - Scientific and educational activities related to the control of zoonotic diseases. The European Committee - Food Safety - Zoonoses - Includes directives, white papers, reports, and articles. Natural Unseen Hazards - Blog by Jerry Genesio, author of "Unseen Hazards That Threaten Hunters, Campers, and Hikers: What you should know about pathogens commonly found in wildlife." Food Safety Authority of Ireland: Zoonoses - Features information, publications and factsheets. Zoonotic Diseases in Wildlife Populations - Discusses several zoonoses carried by wild animals. CDC Parasitic Pathways - Animals - Factsheets and articles on parasitic zoonoses. Emerging Zoonoses - Paper on new zoonoses from the CDC. Mediterranean Zoonoses Control Programme - Includes activities, publications, factsheets, and meetings. In Greek and English. Health Protection Agency: Zoonoses - UK information and response center for surveillance and control of infectious diseases transmissible between animal hosts and humans. Includes factsheets, reports and articles. Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment: Zoonosis Diseases - Factsheets on hantavirus, west Nile virus, plague, rabies, tularemia and tick-borne diseases. State of Washington Zoonotic and Vector-borne Disease Program - Provides technical assistance and training to local health departments, veterinarians, and the public on the transmission, prevention, control, and epidemiology of diseases transmitted to humans from insects and animals. Texas Department of Health Zoonosis Control Division - Includes factsheets, disease information, information for veterinarians, and the oral rabies vaccination program for wildlife.
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