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Mastitis - Description of the mammary gland system, causes of mastitis and methods to treat and prevent inflammation of the mammary gland or udder of the ewe. Pregnancy Toxemia - Symptoms, treatment and prevention. Preventing Pasture Bloat in Sheep - Bloat can be a sudden and lethal occurrence for sheep. Often, unless the livestock is being monitored closely, the first symptom one notices is dead or distressed animals. Urinary Calculi in Growing Lambs - Factors predisposing young rams to urinary crystals and blockage of the urethra. Udder Diseases of Sheep - There are two major udder disease problems of ewes, hardbag and bluebag. They both tend to occur sporadically and are frustrating for producers to treat or prevent. White Muscle Disease in Sheep and Goats - WMD is a degenerative muscle disease. This guide reports on the disease cause, symptoms, treatment and prevention. Maryland Small Ruminant Page: Diseases - Provides links to information on a large number of diseases and conditions that affect sheep and goats. Club Lamb Fungus - Information from Virginia Cooperative Extension on this condition, its clinical signs, diagnosis and treatment. Sheep and Goat Pox - Information on this disease, its transmission and spread, clinical signs, diagnosis and what is being done to prevent its entry into Canada. Epididymitis in Range and Purebred Rams - Factsheet from Utah State University Extension. Summary of Disease of Range Sheep - Factsheet from Utah State University Extension. Nutritional Diseases of Sheep - Factsheet from Utah State University Extension.
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