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Information about the general health and safety of birds.
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Wingwise - Information on health, care, illness, injury, well bird exams, diagnostics, systems, the feather donation project, handicapped birds, and a visit to the wild parrots of Tambopata, Peru. Parrot-Parrot - Geared toward smaller birds. Includes articles on avian health, nutrition, toxins, and dangerous toy alerts. Avian Vets & Veterinarian Services - Find veterinarians, pet hospitals, tips, and advice. From Birds n Ways. Feeding Finicky Birds - Article discusses methods of breaking seed addictions in birds and converting them to balanced pelleted diets. HotSpot For Birds - Reference section has many informative articles on the health and safety of birds. Molt In Birds - Discusses the frequency, what to expect, and nutritional guidelines during this period of feather loss and regrowth. 20 Things You Must Know About Nutrition - Learn about the most important facet of pet bird ownership. Proper Wing Clipping - Find photographs and instruction to correctly trim psittacines. Dairy Products and Birds - Discusses what forms are acceptable to offer to pet birds. Glossary of Avian External Anatomy - Provides an alphabetical list of technical terms used to describe the structure of the body. Veterinary Practice News: Teaching Clients About the Birds and the Seeds - Article by Rebecca Sweat discussing formulated diets for parrot health. Tips to Keep your Parakeet Healthy - Newsletter article, College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Illinois. Avian Health - Email list group which is focused on general care, disease prevention, and nutrition.
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