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Neocron is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) based in the dark future of the 27th century. Earth has become desolate leaving behind only a few pockets of human existence to fight amongst themselves and the mutants and rogue robots of the outlands. Players in Neocron assume the role of a citizen of Neocron - the largest known human city. They can be a Tank, skilled in combat and warfare; a PSI Monk using their unique psychic abilities; a Private Eye, the Jack-of-all-trades; or a Spy, with the abilities to hack computer systems and bypass security. Neocron style is set foot firmly in the cyberpunk genre as defined by William Gibson (Neuromancer, Count Zero) and Philip K Dick (Bladerunner). Cybernetic implants are common, as are weapons, powered armour and physic powers. Where Neocron differs from most MMORPGs is its combat and attitude toward PvP (Player vs. Player) combat. Neocron's combat is dynamic and is more akin to first person shooters like Deus Ex and Counter Strike rather the more traditional 'select target then select auto-attack'. Players can duck, dive behind the nearest crate and run out of ammo at the least inopportune moment. But like most MMORPGs you can still sit in your apartment and just hack government systems, construct items to sell and remain safe in the city. PvP is not mandatory. As players gain experience and trust from their chosen faction they can form clans and recieve clan missions - the problem is, these missions often conflict with an opposing factions goals. Clan wars look to be the norm as each faction manipulates their pawns in an attempt to dominate the city. The future is dark - the future is Neocron.
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