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Furcadia is a multiplayer on-line game populated by furries.
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Furcadia - A free multiplayer online game for socialization and role-playing with graphics, music, and games. Downloadable client for Windows. Furcadia's Dream Builder - Personal site with prepackaged dreams for sale, and a made-to-order service. sanctimonious' ultimate disaster site - Downloads, music and personal information from Furcadia's lead programmer, including DogProxy. Furcadia Art Zone - Oekaki-style drawing boards, forum and galleries for all-ages artwork. Roamhart Patching Database - A variety of user-submitted game addons; portraits, character sprites, tiles, DragonSpeak scripts and user interfaces. Attached forum with patch advice. Furcadia - Wikipedia - Article summarizing Furcadia's gameplay, development, volunteer program, business model and awards. Historical references and links. Furcadia Alt Market - Alternative name and character trading service. Mercenary Enclave - Programming projects by Syphor Knight/Lothus Marque, including Chameleon, Dragonspeak Constructor and DragonSpeak Recovery, Draconic Magician, Furcadia ReMapper and Prismaticator. PawProxy - Extends Furcadia's functionality with new features. Computim FurcBack 4 - Utility for testing the status of Furcadia's game server. Niko's Mouse House - Color Switcher and Floor Tile Editor utilities by Nikodemus. Kell Bengal's Furcadia Patches - Numerous game addons, with a focus on vehicles, plus the Ruins of New Haven. Dreamless Dancer's - Numerous patches, tutorials, information useful for dream development, and downloads. Furcadia Meetup Groups - Groups of furres wishing to arrange a real-life meeting. Furcadia Sprites - Library of images from the game. Sylia's Page of Furcadia Goodies - Portrait sets, rodent sprites and tools, including FurcPort and FurShore. Tafyrn's Den - Various DragonSpeak scripts, Japanese syllabic patches, a .dsb to .ds converter, and a Furcadia palette for Photoshop. - Game-related resources. Command lists, maps, DragonSpeak, patches, and galleries of game images. Furcadia Quote Database - User-submitted database of Furcadian quotes, some humorous and/or vulgar. Furcadia - WikiFur - Article giving roleplaying details, background information and links. Furcadia Patcher's Revolution - Group for in-game artists and scripters. FurcadiaWiki - Community-edited information site. Developer documentation and DragonSpeak cookbook.
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