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Web games in which you control a single detailed character, typically adventuring in a graphical fantasy world and improving in abilities over many sessions of play. All these sites are about role playing games played on the Web, through a Web browser. Sites about role-playing games played on your computer without a Web browser belong in Games/Video_Games/RPGs. Sites about Tabletop Role-playing games, such as Dungeons and Dragons, belong in Games/Role-Playing Games.
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Lunatix Online: Global Insanity Crisis - A chat-based game in which players roleplay patients in an insane asylum. Features prizes for winning and a 14 day free trial membership. Sryth: The Age of Igtheon - A free game in a fantasy setting. Provides story information, FAQs and documentation, maps, and a hall of fame. The Dark Grimoire - Includes news, information, help, and a registration section for a text-based game. Triglav - An action roleplaying game. Also includes information and screenshots. The World Called Hollow - Free, web-based Multi-User Dungeon (MUD) where role-playing is highly encouraged. Provides a registration page, news, information, and clans. The King Of Spades - Choose to be a hero or villain. Includes news, information, artwork, forums and guides. The Beach Online - Find a hidden room within a lost island. Includes information and downloads relating to the game. Wizard Wars - A text based game. Includes links, discussions, reports, and information. Carnage Blender - Diablo-like game including member information, history, statistics, and signups. Lords of Lords - Fight monsters, explore worlds, chat, or duel other players in this text based online game. Includes servers for beginning and advanced players and message forum. City of IF - A site centered on “storygames": online story-based rpgs featuring multiplayer roleplaying in forums and chat rooms. Dozens of storygames in multiple genres are available, all free. Vaxia - Fantasy roleplaying game and community. Urban Dead - A grid-mapped multi-player game where you play the survivor or victim of a zombie outbreak in a quarantined city. Silver Dragon Entertainment - Move around a virtual maze. Includes screenshots, contact, and message boards. Simcountry - A Massive Online World Simulation Game. Build your own country or empire and you compete with other presidents in any of the worlds, or play as a CEO of an Enterprise. The Enterprise can build private corporations in many countries and develop into a large economic power. Browser Games MD - Text based wrestling game. Twilight Heroes - An urban superhero text-based RPG with a sense of humor. Free to play. Fight evil and auction your loot. BSG Online Games - Free online games include: Star Kingdoms, RPG Battle, Good Hockey and Puzzle Command.
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