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Games of answering knowledge questions, often obscure.
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The Trivia Portal - A collection of categorized trivia games and quizzes. Includes rankings, community forums, an archive of useless facts, plus the ability to create and share trivia games online. Cascoly Online Trivia Games - Set of quizzes covering topics that include art, geography, history, Shakespeare, dinosaurs, and travel. ChatGames - Offers daily and weekly trivia quizzes and puzzles played for points. Includes live multiplayer quiz games each day, plus player rankings. Truth is False - Interactive trivia quiz uncovering the truth behind common historical facts and myths. Includes answers with reference links. - Collection of interactive trivia quizzes covering geography, movies, and pop music. Karnataka Quiz Association - India quiz society site offering general knowledge trivia quizzes and information about the organization. Cornerstone Trivia - Interactive twelve question quiz on a new topic each week. Answer a tough weekly bonus question for a position in the Trivia Hall of Fame. Trivia Addicts - Interactive trivia quizzes in which players submit full text answers. Offers a large database of general knowledge questions, plus a few specialist categories. Play via the Web, WAP, IRC, or handheld device. Trivia Cafe - Features a daily and weekly set of general knowledge trivia questions. Offers question sets for sale, and information on team trivia events. MindZone2000 - Collection of brainteaser quiz questions, personality tests, and a random riddle generator. Irishness Quiz - Try the quiz from and about Ireland. Just how Irish are you? Take A Quiz - Collection of interactive trivia quizzes covering a variety of topics. Also offers general knowledge, science, and geography quizzes for kids, organized by age level. QuizU - Free quizzes for fun on a wide range of topics, also available on WAP enabled mobile phones. ActionQuiz - Trivia quiz show game played against computer opponents. Categories include pop music, movies, geography, science, computer, literature, and classical music. Top Noggin - Trivia for journalers including random facts and community news. The World Quiz - A series of quizzes with multiple difficulties on three topics. The Ultimate Trivia Quiz - Offers a variety of different quiz categories. Picture Quiz - Featuring rare and unusual photographs, plus answers. 123Facts - Offers individual and team challenges, with member submissions, forums, and FAQ. Braingle's Trivia and Quizzes - Take fun and interesting quizzes on a wide range of topics. Create your own quizzes for other people to test their knowledge. Anne's Quizzes - Set of educational trivia quizzes on a variety of specialty subjects. Includes automatic scoring, and references. Useful Trivia - A collection of fun trivia quizzes, categorized by subject. KnowledgeScore - General knowledge quiz game on topics like geography, history and sports. World's Brainiest - General knowledge Quiz with open-questions (non-multiple-choice). GoQuiz - Create and play quiz games. Quizland - Collection of online trivia quizzes in a wide variety of categories. Includes a daily word search, crossword puzzle, and daily quizshow games. Cartoon Buddy Club - Featuring history, trivia facts, chronology, pictures, and stories mixed with a blend of humour, cartoon characters and fun. Answer4Earth - Trivia game affiliated with charities. For each correct answer, a donation is made to help plant trees and fight global warming. India Quiz - All questions are about India. Free registration is necessary in order to participate. Trivix - Twenty new questions in each of 5 categories every day. Registration is necessary but it is free. Trivia Champ - Interactive trivia games and printable trivia quizzes in various formats Quizible - User generated picture quizzes and puzzles played for points. Registration allows later completion of unfinished games. - Interactive trivia games for Christmas, Thanksgiving and other holidays. Also contains puzzles, strategy and card games. MapQuiz - Exclusively devoted to maps. Requires identification of countries, states and capitals by drag-and-drop method. QFeast - Personality tests and scored quizzes provided by visitors. Functionality to create your own quizzes. - Quizzes that fall into one of the following three categories - Music, Movie/TV or World. Sporcle - Play free online trivia quizzes about geography, history, sports, music, and entertainment. Triviala - Users can create their own quizzes about any topic. Answer five trivia questions each day to earn "Crowns" and prizes. How Well Do You Know - Varied range of quizzes in categories including movies, sci-fi, TV and individual filmstars. CaesarsQuiz - Quizzes on varied subjects. Players who answer enough questions correctly progress to the next stage of the game. Brain Dash - Trivia quizzes, puzzles, and logic games. Cash prizes are offered for the highest scores. PeopleQuiz - Biography and trivia quizzes that are about famous people. All quizzes are written by visitors to the site. - Free quizzes on many subjects. Visitors can integrate the software into their own site to create questionnaires. The Book Quiz - One minute games to test your literary knowledge. Match ten book titles to their authors.
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