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Roleplaying magazines, publications, journals, fanzines, both online and on paper.
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Sabledrake Magazine - Online quarterly for gamers and sci-fi/fantasy enthusiasts. Themed each issue, regular contents include RPG advice, letters, comic and book reviews. Pyramid - Gaming magazine published weekly. Annual subscriptions required to access most articles. Roleplaying Tips - Weekly newsletter offering games master help and advice. Sections include roleplaying tips encyclopedia, a tips archive and games master articles. The Guild Companion - Monthly online gaming magazine with articles, fiction and reviews. Focuses on Rolemaster and related games. Places to Go, People to Be - Internet fanzine devoted to roleplaying, and the roleplayers of Brisbane. The Death Cookie Online Magazine - From Hex Entertainment, Inc., the makers of the role-playing parody, QAGS, comes a sharp-witted online magazine devoted to gamer and fringe culture. Reviews, Fiction, Upcoming Releases and Events. Realms - A collection of articles, reviews, and free RPGs, with a discussion forum. Critical Miss - The webzine for dysfunctional roleplayers. Includes adventures, game advice, convention reports, and free games. Solomon's Dungeon Adventures Magazine Index - Unofficial cover gallery and list of published adventures from WOTC's Dungeon Adventures Magazine. Alarums and Excursions - Monthly roleplaying game APA (amateur press association) with contributors from across the English-speaking world. Contributors are interested in many different games, including VTM, OTE, Hero, Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, VTM, and GURPS.
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