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This category contains sites with information on multiple board games. Examples would include but be limited to comprehensive game directories with unique content, game reviews, and game strategies for multiple games.
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Brett Spiel Welt - Gaming portal for playing board games over the internet. Globetrotter Games - Categorized directory of board games. Includes game descriptions and rules. Swedish/English. BoardGameGeek - A database of player reviews, session reports, images, and news. Brett and Board - Presents information and news about German family board games. Kulkmann's G@mebox - Covers on old and new German and English boardgames. Features articles about Games Workshop, Talisman, Tolkien boardgames, the SPIEL convention at Essen and others. Avalon Hill Reliability, Experience and Ability Scoring System - Rankings for players in around 200 different games (primarily wargames). Spotlight on Games - Errata, variants, analysis, rules summaries, reviews, charts and background information for a variety of board games and simulations. By Rick Heli. Board Games - Features news, free games, articles, rules, and a discussion forum. Board Games Fan Page at Graceful Boot - Presents a board game journal, rules clarifications and variants, and strategy articles. The Board Game Designers Forum - Forum for board game designers. Includes downloadable resources and game design journals. A History of Traditional Board Games - Contains information on old traditional board games. Traditional Games Database - Alphabetical listing of traditional games. Listings include publisher and developer details, as well as the year each game was published. Yehuda - Board games and gaming weblog from Jerusalem, Israel. Boardgame Beast - Reviews board games with a simple rating system. Includes strategy guides, how to and support articles. The Game Crafter - Features a web based app for designing components. Users can upload their artwork and then have their game assembled. Board Games Pub - Features articles, reviews, lists, and instructions for multiple games. Also includes a glossary and recommendations by genre. Luding - Database of games that includes to reviews, variants, and biographies on the designers. [English and German] Play Board Games - Reviews, strategy articles, and session reports. Board Games Blog - Strategies, tips, and new game ideas. The Boardgaming Life - Online magazine with reviews, strategy articles, custom scenarios, and "how-to" advice for board games in multiple categories.. Dad's Gaming Addiction - Vincent Paone's reviews. Includes an about page and links to the author's YouTube channel. Board Games For Me - Recommendation engine which uses multiple filters. Also offers a "Guess the Board Game" page where the user guess the name of the game based on a photo.
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