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This category lists sites where board games can be downloaded. Any board, counters, and/or cards are printed out from the website. Often dice or simple counters are needed also. Websites which include instructions for how to make free board games also belong in this category.
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Warp Spawn Games - Old-fashioned, low-tech, paper-and-pencil affairs requiring some imagination to create and play. Only the rules are published. Interformic Games - Offers several free strategy board games in PDF for download. Battle for Moscow - Presents a historical wargame of the German Army's struggle to defeat the Soviet Army and capture Moscow in 1941. Includes downloadable game components, rules, and game credits. BattlePlay - Features free downloadable games including Doubloon Lagoon and Battle Platform Antilles. Also offers a "drawing board" section for new game ideas. Swords and Sorcery - A strategy board game with Peasants, Guards, Warriors and Wizards. Gale Games - Free, original, board games that use common pieces such as dice, dominoes, cards, and counters. Hidden Empires - A game for 2 to 6 players where each player assumes the role of an ant colony. InterSpace - A space exploration and exploitation boardgame for 2 to 4 players. Printgames - Several small printable games both for adults and children. Micropul - Overview of this abstract strategy tile-laying game. Contains rules and variants, a FAQ, a photo gallery, printable tiles for download, and contact information. - Offers figures, terrain, and rules. Also features a forum, a blog, and a link to their YouTube channel. Heroes of Feonora - PDF components, photos, instructions, and rules. Also contains a blog and frequently asked questions. Piecepack - Offers public domain components which can be used for multiple games. Includes printable parts. My Band - Presents a game where players choose band members who are compatible (or not) and hire the right people to help that band get a contract and become the most popular. Includes rules, printable components, and assembly instructions. Experimental Playground - A collection of free experimental print-and-play games. S.L.Panphilov - Offers numerical board games and images of playing cards with numbers which can be taken free in PDF files for printing.
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