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Hans im Glück - German company producing several different titles. Doris and Frank Games - Doris Matthäus and Frank Nestel, founders of a board and card game company based in southern Germany. Bruno Faidutti - Features a forum and an about the author page. Also includes boardgame reviews. [French and English] Gigamic - Publishers of abstract board games. [French/English/German/Dutch/Spanish/Italian] Hasbro - A worldwide leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of toys, games, interactive software, puzzles and infant products. Columbia Games - Award-winning wooden block board games, historical card games, and fantasy role-playing products. - Features contact information for a company specializing in designing board games and prototypes. Also includes ordering information for game parts. Spy Alley Partners - A game company located in Maple Grove, Minnesota. Gibsons Games - Traditional board games, jigsaw puzzles and playing cards, made in London. Endless Games - A variety of board games for all the family. Kadon Enterprises - Creators and producers of over 80 abstract strategy games and geometric puzzles since 1980. MacGregor Historic Games - Reproductions of historic board, dice, and card games TDC Games - Creators of board games in several categories. Hangman Games - A small game company dedicated to board games which are challenging, social, have lively graphics, and are, above all else, fun. Each game is individually numbered and produced in a limited run of 1,000. Get Together Games - A selection of games from Hasbro. Discover Games - Resource for inventors to show products to game retailers, game manufacturers and licensers. Marketing, networking, promotion, FAQ, and links. Fat Messiah Games - Maker of fantasy science fiction board games, since 1992. Games For All Reasons - Distributes generational board games such as Finish Line and Paired Up. Offers game information and ordering. University Games - America's fastest-growing board game company develops products that encourage social interaction while providing fun, entertainment, and education. Enginuity - Board and card games for the entire family. Winner of a Mensa Select award for Doubles Wild, one of the five best new games of 1999. Drumond Park - Creators of Articulate and the LOGO Board Game family. Offers game information and online play. Rio Grande Games - Publisher of strategic family board and card games. Games such as Tikal, Carcassonne, Lost Cities, Lord of the Rings: the Search, and Bohnanza. Puzzle Depot - A privately-owned company specializing in puzzle software and internet marketing services for board game, novelty and other puzzle-related distributors. Wunderland - Offers news archive, online games, and e-books. Titles include Fluxx, Icehouse, Aquarius, Nanofictionary, Chrononauts, Lost Identities, Cosmic Coasters, Are You a Werewolf?, and Proton. Lost Horizons - A catalog of family games. Winning Moves - A maker of classic card games, children's fun and learning games, and popular adult party games. Simulations Workshop - A company dedicated to desktop publishing small board and card games, with topics not covered by mainstream game developers. Clash of Arms Games - English-language publisher of Tilsit Editions. Decision Games - Publisher of wargames in both board and computer format, and three wargaming magazines. Fiendish Board Games - Manufacturers of board games in the German style. Hosts a directory of magazines running games by post. Multi-Man Publishing - Official developer and publisher of ASL, Bitter Woods, Up Front and other classic Avalon Hill titles. Jolly Games - Produces board and card games designed by Tom Jolly, co-designer of DiskWars, creator of Wiz-War, Drakon, Knots, GOOTMU, and Programmer's Nightmare. E.C.S. Games - Three-dimensional board games, from simple fun to sophisticated strategy. Operational Studies Group Games - Publishes Napoleonic Wars board games. Carrom Company - Official website. Current product catalog, and company information. Forrest-Pruzan Creative - Inventors and designers of games and toys. Specializes in concepting and testing social entertainment products. Mesomorph Games - Hand-crafted board games including Chesstique and the Piecepack game system. Reveal Entertainment - Manufacturing and marketing company for family, party and educational games and products. daVinci Games - Board and card games publisher in Italy. Free games available for download. Salamander Games - A developer of board and card games in the fantasy, sci-fi and family genres. Amherst Lodge Board Games - Board games direct from leading international inventor William Maclean. Free trial versions of games, plus a collection of free games and puzzles. Days of Wonder - American publisher of board and card games. Possibility for game owners to play their games online. Ragnar Brothers Games - Information, reviews and chat about the games the Ragnar Brothers have been recently playing. Stalefish Labs - A toy and game company devoted to dreaming and tinkering with new ways to have fun in a modern world. Situated in Nashville. Stock Rush, Inc. - An independent publisher of a Stock Market board game that includes all the basic principles of trading used in the real world. Fragor Games - Scottish publisher of games including Leapfrog. House of Slack Games - Group of part time game creators. Includes how to play, rules, history, and purchasing details. Interformic Games - Publishers of board games and supplements. Divide and conquer with "GRO: Battle for the Petri Dish", or discover "One World Dominion", an expansion for RISK. Histogame - Official site for the publisher of Friedrich. Site includes rules and FAQ for that game, and presents ordering and contact information. Grand Prix International - Features information about the company's design and project management services. Also includes ordering information for game components. Acorn Games - Features descriptions and pictures of the games available through their company. Curious Games - Ordering information, game and game play descriptions, FAQs and errata, and extra characters. Also home to the West Coast Gaming Consortium. Brain Savvy Game Company - Features descriptions of multiple editions of Brain Savvy, and includes details about where to buy the game. Outset Media - Offers games for families, parties, and children. Also features a profile of the company and ordering information. TerrorBull Games - Includes a manifesto and list of games in development. Mark Steere Games - Developer of free abstract games. Contains rule sheets and printable boards for download. Looney Labs - Offering a wide variety of board games. Jolly Roger Games - Design and production of games like Knights of the Dinner Table, Maul of America, and Swashbuckler. Adrenaline Brush - Design, publish, and manufacture board games. Passport Game Studios - Board games from around the world. Tasty Minstrel Games - Board game publisher, founded in 2009. Toadflax Games - Newly developed board and card games. Gilbert, Brett J. - Profile of this designer. Includes pictures and blog. Soul Search Enterprises - The Soul Search Game is a lighthearted, interactive, family board game. Gamewright - Award-winning educational games that entertain, inform, and endure. Stratus Games - Publisher of original board games that are easy to learn, interactive, and thought-provoking. Funforge - Publisher of card and board games. Petsapalooza - Their first product was Fur-Ever Home, the Animal Rescue Game. Barc, Sylvie - From the French board game designer. Playroom Entertainment - Develops, designs, manufactures and markets games, puzzles, and brainteasers for the toy, game, educational and gift industries. Darfinc - Board and dice games for people and dogs to play together. Players compete to get dogs to do things. Includes where to buy details, about the company, and contact information. Vendetta Games - Dutch publisher of Army of Frogs, Catch me if You Can, Chaos Arena, Hive, Logan Stones, Lords of Creation, Steam over Holland, Tavern, That's Life!, and UWO, Site includes ordering information and a history of the company. About Time - Official website and online store. Offers educational, history, triva and quiz based board games in UK, US, and German editions.
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