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Blogs, chats, group and personal interests, and personal sites pertaining to Second Life.
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The Insatiable Zoe Connolly - Blog providing links, videos, and information about the game. From The Eye Of The Storm - Game blog with information and links pertaining to content creation. Silk Caravanserai - Gorean and Fantasy fashion blog. All Things Tiessa - Blog offering news, observations, and commentary on the game. Ravishal Ramblings - Personal observations and pictures. Grid Expectations - Blog covering fashion, news, and general personal observations. Second Life Update - Blog about experiences and technology in the game. New World Notes - Blogging the news from SL by Wagner James Au. Gwyn's Home - A weblog about the game's news and essays on socio-economic issues. Oh Hush - Blog about the game. Provides additional blog links. Second Life at hand - Personal experience about the game. Artesia B's Second Life World - Blog about cultural and period clothing and the real life influences. The SL Revolution - Collaboration of writers on a variety of topics and issues affecting Second Life. GoSpeed Racer: A Second Life Avatar - Follow this user's experiences on the Second Life Grid. Spindrift island, in SciLands, Second Life - Paradox Olber's Spindrift and SciLands blog - engineering, science, education, astronomical art, and other news about virtual world government and policies. MAD Image - A blog about fashion, style, and marketing in Second Life. Free State of Mind - A blog about personal experiences in Second Life. Second Life of My Dreams - Chestnut Rau is an avatar exploring the virtual world in search of art, music and community. This blog chronicles her adventures, mishaps and observations about life on the frontier. The Metaverse Journal - Virtual worlds news from an Australian perspective since 2006. Botgirl's Second Life Diary - Botgirl provides machinima, editorials, and her unique perspective. Dale Innis Weblog - Resident give his perspective on things happening around the grid. Second Effects - ArminasX covers current events and technological developments as they relate to Second Life. Not possible in real life - Dedicated to the wonder and magic of things that can be done in a virtual setting. Free Style - Blog dedicated to finding bargain deals and freebie items for Second Life avatars. Second Slice - Mahala Roviana covers the latest in opinions, gossip, advice, and news about Second Life. Second Thoughts - Prokofy Neva, a resident real estate developer, gives her take on business and technological developments in Second Life. Fab Free - A group blog dedicated to scouring the grid for free or cheap products for Second Life residents. Slmen - Ben Vanguard provides a fashion guide for men in Second Life. Are we not men? - Humorous look at playing from a male perspective. Prim Perfect - A Second Life blog dedicated to covering the latest trends in home furnishings and gardening. Second Arts - Morris Vig's blog that promotes the arts in Second Life. He covers new gallery openings or exhibitions that he thinks are worth seeing. Second Stindberg - Peter Stindberg covers issues and topics that impact his Second Life. SLentrepreneur Magazine - Blog covering Second Life business pursuits and rights from an entrepreneurs perspective. Studio Wikitecture: Opening Architecture - Improving architecture and city planning by harnessing the ideas and potential behind social media and online platforms. SLOG - A wide array of writers contribute insights into Second Life. Avatars in Wonderland - A mix of personal opinion and interviews with interesting avatars. LunaJubilee - A personal blog of avatar Luna Jubilee which contains reviews of SL fashion products and a running chronicle of her Second Life adventures. Dialogue with Daila - Resident Daila Holder reflects on her learnings over the past 4 years of being an active player on the grid. - A blog by Second Life resident Strawberry Singh about fashion, lifestyle, trends, and travel. Just One Dress - Showcases the best dress options from choice Second Life designers, then compares each dress to a song. Girl Wonder Speaks...about Second Life - The story of a woman finding SLove, herself, and wonder. Fos Dagger's MyRoos - About the virtual pets called Meeroos, places, living, breeding and related. Hump Muffin - Mischief, music and fashion. Where In Second Life is Perla Rae? - Sharing experiences, places to visit, clothes and people that meets. The Steampunk life - A blog specializing in SL Steampunk and Victorian environments and events, including Caledon, Antiquity, New Babbage, Steelhead, Steeltopia, Solarya, and other related sims.
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