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The Rex 6000 is a credit card sized PDA with a black and white LCD touch screen. This category also covers the Rex 5000 and DataSlim2 (Japanese version of Rex 6000).
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Franklin revs Rex handheld - The credit-card sized Rex Pro offers 512K of memory to store 6,000 records and now has 6 navigation buttons. [] R/EXchange - Message board for anything Rex. Yahoo! Groups : FreeREX - Trying to document as much of the REX card organizer as possible to allow Third Party Developers to write additional sync software for it. Discussion may be highly technical and not necessarily intended for the enduser. My Rex6000 Pages - Some information and download of REXKEYS that modifies a Rex6000 keyboard. You can design new characters and assign them to the keys of the keyboard. Templates for many languages (including Russian or Greece) available. roo's rex 6000 page - Personal commentary and download of MiniTetris. Graham's REX 6000 Notes - Some code and information about C coding. Junk Shop Data Slim 2's Room - Add-ins for REX6000 and DataSlim2. Rex losses sink Franklin earnings - The company reports losses of over $30 million for the fiscal year and indicates that future product development is in jeopardy. [] Rex handheld won't go home with holiday shoppers - Xircom, which recently began shipping a new version of the credit card-sized personal digital assistant this month, has stopped its launch until next year. [] Rex handheld poised for resurrection - Xircom plans to unveil the $150 Rex 6000, which builds on the 1997 original by adding a touch screen and improved software for syncing data with a PC. [] Rex springs back to life with Xircom acquisition - A credit card-sized organizer called Rex that generated lots of hype but low sales gets a second chance at life in the hands of a new owner. [] Franklin's Rex handheld sputtering - The highly touted, credit-card size device seems to be fading, unable to live up to its own hype while other handhelds grab market share. [] Intel tells Rex to play dead - After months of evaluating whether to continue the credit card-size handheld organizer, Intel has decided the product does not fit with its plans, CNET has learned.
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