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This category contains links for sites involved in speech synthesis, text to speech processing or vendors selling such things.
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CompSpeak 2050 - Institute for the Study of Talking Computers and Oral Culture. The Institute's mission is to study the social, cultural, and philosophical implications of talking computers and voice recognition technology. Site taking orders for a pre-publishing book having a provocative viewpoint on the impact of talking computers. RC Systems - Text to speech synthesis products. Boards, modules, and chips. Downloadable data sheets and product information. Speech Synthesis Markup Language - The current version of the (draft) proposal for an XML-based Speech Synthesis Markup Language, as part of the W3C's Speech Interface Framework. This is an industry standard in the making. InfoQuick Software Technology Corp. - Focus on speech technology research and development in Chinese language, including TTS and ASR. Advanced Technology and Research - Markets a variety of speech products for industry including voiceprint, text to speech and airport security systems. Good online text to speech demo. Voice Synthesis IC and Speech Synthesizer chips - TextSpeak(tm) speech synthesis chip sets and plug-in modules accept RS-232 text, keyboard and wireless input. Low cost, unlimited vocabulary, designed for consumer and VARs. Purchase online. Text-to-Speech, Occidental Communications - Directory of TTS links. Demonstrations of Simulated Emotional Speech - Collection of links and sound-examples of simulated emotional speech by synthesis. German text-to-speech systems - A commented overview of commercial and scientific TTS (text-to-speech) -systems for the German language with examples. Moehler's Speech Synthesis Examples - Commented examples of speech synthesis for 25 languages. Speech Synthesis - Overview article from free encyclopedia Wikipedia. a free online text to audio converter - Convert Microsoft Word, Acrobat PDF, PowerPoint, plain text files, web pages, and emails to spoken audio which you can then listen to online or transfer to your iPod. News, tutorials, and product features. Phobos Soft - Provides a speech synthesizer for the Romanian language, and audio applications for speech/music effects. On-line speech synthesizer demo. Emofilt - Prosody-filter to simulate emotional arousal with speech synthesis based on the free-for-non-commercial-use MBROLA synthesis engine available in Java.
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