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Hardcat - Barcode and barcoding, help-desk, depreciation, purchasing and preventative maintenance. Evolving Systems, Inc. - Provider of service provisioning, business service management and customer service solutions for finance, telecommunications and IT-dependent businesses. I/O Concepts - Connectivity from Unix workstations and PCs to large IBM 390 Mainframes. Products include: console consolidation products, web solutions, API toolkits, and traditional 3270 products. Enterprise Management Associates - Information about enterprise management (including network management, systems management, and service level management) and Enterprise Management Associates. Contains white papers, and staff biographies. Astera Software - Offers data integration and ETL software tools for use in data migration, conversion, transformation, and mapping to and from files, XML, EDI, SQL databases, and ODBC sources. Active Plus Software - Top of the line Windows NT Services utilities. Creators of Service+, Service-It and ServiceKeeper. NetIQ AppManager Suite - Central monitoring the performance and availability of distributed Windows NT systems and server applications. Listing solutions, support and services. Data-based Systems Corporation - Custom business database systems design and programming for "canned" industry-system prices. Raxco Software - Raxco is widely recognized as a key provider of Systems Resource Management tools for Compaq/Digital's OpenVMS operating system. Raxco is now exercising that same proven experience to deliver products and solutions to support Microsoft's Windows NT systems. Software Engineering of America Inc. - Operations automation, data center, IT, software, mainframe, multiplatform, MVS, job scheduling, NT, UNIX, tape stacking, VSE, batch scheduling, SAP scheduling, tape management, production scheduling, JCL, production control, report management, and Syslog. Heroix Corporation - Developers of Longitude, an agentless, multiplatform software for monitoring of application performance and networks. Intelligent Communication Software - Helping organizations manage real-time IT services by highlighting the root causes of IT outages. Lists training, packages and support information. Radsoft - RIX and Rix2k are Windows utility suites of nearly 80 applications. Radsoft is an organization of PC software developers founded in 1984. Application Deployment Information Center - Links and information on all application deployment methods- installers, deployment, and imaging. Message boards, script exchange, articles, the information and utilities you need to remotely install software. Xteq Systems - Creators of the system tweaking utility X-Setup, allowing power users and network administrators to change hidden Windows settings. Site contains screenshots, awards page, list of features, support information and details of other programs by the same authors. ASG Software Solutions - Provides management solutions for information, operations and applications. Service and program details, world office locations and contact information. ServerAssist - Agent-based and agentless monitoring solution for Windows and Linux servers that looks at processor load, memory and disk usage, availability, and event logs, generates alerts and runs certain corrective actions. P-Synch - Password Management ToolKit - A password management toolkit that lets users synchronize passwords and help desk administrators authenticate callers and reset their passwords. Also includes self-service and password aging features. Stonebranch Universal Command - It allows data centers to remotely execute UNIX, Windows NT, or SAP R/3 commands from their mainframe system. Multi-Remote Registry Change - Windows NT/Windows 2000/XP remote registry management tool. TeamQuest - System Performance Management software for mission-critical applications. Q2 Solutions Pty Ltd - Offers development and support of business applications including Maintenance One, ConnX, and RAPT. AK Computer Services - UK consultancy providing systems management consultancy for the Microsoft System Center Suite. SuperSpeed Software, Inc - Server and application performance solutions based on cache, hybrid cache, and RAM disk software aiming to optimize hardware utilization. PC Decrapifier - Removes unwanted preinstalled software from Windows XP and Vista machines. Free for personal use, commercial version includes automation capability. Tidal Software - Job scheduling, performance management, and process automation software. Hyperic, Inc. - Open source systems monitoring, server monitoring, and IT management software. NetWrix Corporation - Supplies products primarily for Windows environments that are designed to solve identity management and compliance issues.
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