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Sites [ Submit ] - Extremely Reliable OS; home site. Small, secure, real-time microkernel with orthogonal persistence: pull the plug and restart with no losses. Related to, and working with, on E programming language. [Open source, GPL] The EROS Alternative - Shapiro interview in 'Open-Source Security' issue. Of open source OSs, most people think only Linux and OpenBSD. But another open-source OS's architecture may be more secure than either of them. [Information Security Magazine] Extremely Reliable Operating System - Growing article, with links to many related topics. Wikipedia. CapROS - Growing article, with links to many related topics. Wikipedia. CapROS - Capability-based Reliable Operating System; home site; non-academic evolution and continuation of EROS system, begun in 2005; EROS was pure research, CapROS is intended to be stable commercial quality system. Coyotos - Growing article, with links to many related topics. Wikipedia. Coyotos Secure Operating System - Direct EROS research successor; builds on those ideas and experiences; much code developed for EROS will migrate directly to Coyotos. Verifying Operating System Security - A confined program is one unable to leak information to an unauthorized party or modify unauthorized resources, an essential feature of any secure component based system. A proof of correctness of EROS architecture for confinement. [ResearchIndex] EROS: A Fast Capability System - This capability-based OS for commodity processors uses a one level storage model; store persistence is transparent to applications. Surprisingly, performance of this very high security system matches normal OSs. [ResearchIndex] EROS: A Principle-Driven Operating System from the Ground Up - Abstract of article by Jonathan S. Shapiro, Norm Hardy; published by IEEE Computer Society. [IEEE Software]
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