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Open WebOS is a Linux operating system. Palm launched WebOS in January 2009 as the successor to Palm OS. It was acquired by Hewlett-Packard.
After the failure of the HP TouchPad and the proposed sale of the HP Personal Systems Group, HP made the platform open source, and it became Open WebOS.
WebOS was purchased by LG Electronics, which intends to use it for smart TVs.
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Open webOS - Official home page of the Open webOS Project. Includes documentation and blog. ExtremeTech: Open WebOS 1.0 Announced - HP has officially announced that WebOS will be open sourced by September 2012. ExtremeTech: LG Acquires WebOS from HP – for Use in Smart TVs, not Smartphones - LG has officially purchased the mobile operating system from HP for use on smart TVs. Intomobile: HP Will Open Source webOS - HP will keep webOS but submit it to an open source community. TechRadar: WebOS Lives Again with Open Source Beta - Hewlett Packard is now launching the open source beta for its WebOS mobile operating system. TechRadar: HP Gifts WebOS to Open Source - Hewlett-Packard has announced that it will contribute the WebOS operating system to the open source community. TechRadar: HP Introduces WebOS 1.0 - HP has finally released their promised open source webOS 1.0 to the public. Intomobile: In Memoriam: The Life and Death of webOS - A look at the life and times of the platform when it looked like that HP was killing off webOS. It discusses the time from the Pre to the grave. webOS Nation - WebOS news, reviews, and discussion. WebOS Internals - Wiki for collecting information about the inner workings of webOS. Open webOS Forum - Discussion about LG and webOS, the Open webOS project and various devices. Ars Technica: Reviving the dead: How Android devices are keeping webOS alive - Using open source frameworks to help Palm live on via re-purposed Nexus devices.
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