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Open Watcom - Open-source Watcom C, C++, and Fortran cross compilers and tools. Iron Spring Software - PL/I Compiler for OS/2 and Linux. Downloadable beta compiler and library and Programming Guide. JBC Software Development - Visual GUI programming for Java(TM), VisualMust IDE (WYSIWYG Interface Builder), Jbc GUI Beans suite and Jbc GRID Beans Suite. IBM Software: Application Development - IBM VisualAge delivers innovative and open solutions to professional programmers to rapidly exploit network middleware while developing, extending and managing scalable business and web applications. Zeryx Software Inc. - New libraries for Vispro Rexx or C(++). WinDriver OS/2 - Learn the easy way to develop OS2 drivers - A PCI/ISA device driver development tool for OS/2, simplifying PCI and ISA (including parallel and serial ports) driver writing in OS/2. EMX for OS/2 - EMX is an environment for creating 32-bit programs for OS/2 and DOS including GCC and utilities. Netlabs: gcc 3.3.5 and glibc 0.6.3. - Gnu compiler collection and runtime library for OS/2. Programming Python on OS/2 - Presentation from Warpstock Europe 2001 by Stefan Schwarzer. WDSibyl - Open source Delphi-like Visual Development Environment for OS/2 and Windows. UnixOS2 - The UnixOS/2 project aims to create a common set of guidelines to make it easier to install and use ported Unix applications on OS/2. V - A Freeware Portable C++ GUI Framework for Windows, X, and OS/2.
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