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NetWare, developed by Novell Corporation, is a popular and robust networking and internetworking operating system (OS). The term also encompasses a software suite of products used in a wide variety of networking environments from small-businesses and non-profits to global enterprises.
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Novell World Wide - Corporate homepage for all Novell products and services. A.N.D. Technologies Inc. Pcounter software - Printer Accounting Software for Netware servers. Avanti Technology, Inc. - Scripting software, Management Utilities and Tips for Novell NetWare v3.x thru v6.x environments. JRB software - Utilities and tools specifically for managing NetWare environments. Resources for NetWare Administrators - Useful shareware and freeware utilities tools for Novell NetWare networks. Connectotel Inc. - "Password Policy Manager" Netware software product. NOVELL: ZENworks - NOVELL ZENworks Desktop and server remote management solutions for Windows and Novell. Netware and Macintosh Issues - Mac/Netware compatibility information. Novell: Support: Minimum Patch List - Novell's officially suggested NOS patches. Add Space Limit Automatically Script - Script for adding a disk space limit to a novell server and volume. Users already consuming more than their specified disk space limit will be detected and then disk space added to their user account. TGB - Thomas Botta - Tools for Netware administration such as Report Generator, a tool to document Novell NetWare servers. HBware - Free and licensed utilities for Netware server administration and maintenance. NWSend - Native instant messaging software for Novell NetWare. The Unofficial Novell Community Chat Irregulars - Includes group information and member details. Novel Client for Linux - A GUI front-end for the ncpfs utilities making it easy to transfer data to and from a Novell Netware fileserver. Open Source. I Want NetWare - Website intended to demonstrate and evangelize the claimed excellence of Novell Netware products. Provides background information and supporting evidence for this claim with side by side comparisons with competing products. DJack Software. - Tools for Novell Netware environments as well as for Novell's OES and SuSE Linux products. Polish site with significant English content. Netware Hack FAQ - Unofficial Netware-hacking FAQ. Novell Netware Forum at Tek-Tips - Support forums and mutual help system for computer professionals. Novell Brainshare Conference - Novell's annual worldwide and regional Brainshare technical conferences. Portlock Software - NetWare Storage Management - Storage Manager is a tool for setup, installation, and reconfiguration of Novell NetWare 3.x, 4.x, 5.x and 6.x* servers. Alexander LAN Inc. - Developers of NetWare Crash Handler products. Hitachi ID Password Manager - An enterprise solution for managing passwords and other types of credentials. Novell DeveloperNet - Novell official information and products for developers of Novell-related software.
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