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This is the category for the operating system from Microsoft called "Windows Vista".
Sites [ Submit ] A First Look at Longhorn - Wei-Meng Lee's review of second build for the Longhorn operating system. The review includes screenshots and comments about some of the new features. Wikipedia: Windows Vista - Includes facts about the product's development, new or improved features, visual styles, hardware requirements, editions and pricing, criticism, notes and references. BBC News: Vista Gives a View of a New World - Internet law professor Michael Geist casts an eye over the fine print in Windows Vista and is concerned at what he finds. Security Capabilities of Vista - Article providing an insight into the new security capabilities of this next generation operating system. A Cost Analysis of Windows Vista Content Protection - A document by Peter Gutmann focusing at the cost of the technical portions of Vista's content protection. - Information about Windows Vista, including the hardware requirements, software compatibility, how the Operating System was made and its inner workings. Windows Vista Enterprise Hardware Planning Guidance - Microsoft technet page on hardware requirements for windows vista BadVista - A campaign by the Free Software Foundation with a twofold mission of exposing the harms inflicted on computer users by the new Microsoft Windows Vista and promoting free software alternatives that respect users' security and privacy rights. Security Garden - Blog on Microsoft Windows Security related articles and tips. ITs VISTA - Provides tips and tricks, information of updates, hotfixes for the users of the operating system. Maintain Data Integrity with Windows Vista - Official source of technical data, road map and life cycle of the operating system. Windows Vista Articles - Tips, Tricks and Troubleshooting for Microsoft Windows Vista. PC World - Windows Vista: 15 Reasons to Switch - The new Windows operating system is worth the upgrade. Here's why.
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