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This category is only for tools and methods of developing software for Operating Systems based on the Linux kernel.
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The BETA Language Home Page - Official Home Page for the Simuli-like OOP language BETA. Features documentation, tutorials, and general information. DDD - The Data Display Debugger - The Data Display Debugger is a common graphical user interface to GDB, DBX, and XDB, the popular UNIX debuggers. Xwpe-ALPHA Project - Programming environment for UNIX systems. The user interface mimics the Borland C and Pascal family of products for MS-DOS. Linux Enterprise Computing - Various aspects of Linux in business, including databases, bug tracking project management ,help-desk automation tools,and version configuration management tools. Linuxconf Project - Tool for administering the software configuration on a system. Serial Programming HOWTO - An advanced guide on how to make your Linux software communicate with a serial interface. Advanced Bash-Scripting - A guide for those wishing to start shell scripting. Assumes no knowledge of shell scripting but advances quickly. Linux 2.4 Filesystem Porting Issues - This document is a partial comparison of Linux kernels 2.2.18 and 2.4.0 focusing on changes in filesystem code. DCE RPC for Linux 2.0.30 - DCE RPC for Linux 2.0.30. OProfile - Detailed profiling package. Capable of profiling the whole system, from device drivers to applications. VAST/f90 Fortran 90 - Compiler for Linux, limited personal version is free. An Introduction To Linux/Unix Programming - Well written, entertaining, basics for 1 hour presentation. mpeglib - An mp3 and mpeg I video/audio library for Linux. CodeDragon IDE and RAD - Multi-user software development environment for Linux and other Unix systems. Greaterscope - Open source projects, programming essays, reusable concepts. Mostly Linux-centric. O'Reilly LinuxDevCenter - Offers information and resources, a daily round-up of the important distributions, people, companies and organizations that make up the open source community. Linux FAQ and general information forums online. Social Networks Visualiser for Linux - This QT program reads social network data (pajek/sociomatrix) and displays them graphically. The user can mouse-interact and calculate basic network properties. GNU License Linoleum: Linux Programming References - Linux Programming Links ts2msg - Tool to convert QT Translation Sources to .po Gettext Format.
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